_40h_test winXP

  • Hello,

    First off - Greetings! I am a new owner of a 40H! I inherited it from Hypnosapien who is graduating to a 256. I'm excited to be part of this community. Some of you may know me from the LivePA forum - I'm using the same board name, "decrepitude".

    Thanks to many of the forum posts, everything's been pretty smooth as far as installing/communicating with the Monome. I've even accomplished getting Monogrid to operate correctly in XP.

    But so far I have not been able to get the _40h_test.mxp patch to work completely. The buttons light up on the Monome itself with no problem - I'm just not seeing any feedback on the computer screen.

    I ran the _40h_midi.mxp and was able to see feedback with that patch. However, the _40h_test.mxp patch shows blacked out boxes instead of the grid (which I've seen Hypnosapien use on the Mac).

    Should I be concerned about this? Is there something missing or errant on my MaxMSP install? Or is it likely just the patch? Btw, I also tested "monome_test" from the base 4.2 with the same results.


  • sounds like you might be on XP without quicktime.

    and greetings!

  • Welcome to the Monome community.

  • Yes, that must be it (Quicktime).

    I was hoping I could avoid installing it.

    I've got Monogrid and MLR working just fine (so far). Other than the test patch, would I be missing out on anything special on the MaxMSP side of things?

    Should I not worry about the quicktime install? I'm very careful to keep my audio configured laptop as clean as possible from extraneous apps.


  • max/msp uses some quicktime libraries for graphics interpretation. i unfortunately don't have much of an idea how many of our apps need it. just remember in case you run into another broken app.