LED height from board

  • Hi all,

    I'm about to embark on a 40h kit, I'm getting a carpenter friend to make me a jig to hold the led's straight while I solder (i.e. a piece of wood with 64 holes drilled in it)

    Ayone got any tips? Can anyone tell me what height the LEDs should sit off the board? I guess this will determine the hole depth.. and a 3.5-4.0mm hole to fit the 3mm LEDs?



  • As the holes in the buttons are 7mm deep.. I'm guessing 5mm from the face of the board to the top of the LED?

  • I thought about making the same thing, but in all honesty you'll spend more time putting the LEDs into the jig and mucking about with that than just doing it by hand.

    - insert the LED in the right orientation
    - push the leads down against the PCB with your fingers
    - look that it's straight
    - repeat 63 more times
    - solder one side of all of them
    - snip that side of all of them
    - solder the other side of all of them
    - snip the other side of all of them.

  • ok... Is it easy to get the base of the LED flat to the pcb? I'm just conscious of the fact that the clearance between the top of the led and the top of the button is important.. and the fact that I'm not the tidiest person...

  • it's easy, when you bend the leads they'll hold the LED down hard, just push them out at different angles. on one side you push down on the LED, on the other you bend the leads away from the LED, making the bend as close to the PCB as you can. it's harder to explain than to do.

    in fact I'd almost think that a jig could let you put your guard down and not check them as closely, doing it by hand you're giving each LED individual attention.

    I think everyone would agree that making the kits was MUCH easier than we thought it would be.

  • Cool, you've convinced me.

    Thanks for the help :)