today 8.8. NYC

  • As I wrote in the "work"-thread:

    Be welcome today at Lincoln Center, NYC where I have a performance with a ballett (Armitage Gone Dance) not using the monome but a different "crazy" controller - the Buchla "Lightning II", which is my main controller for many years now. Also on stage will be a Marimba Lumina of Don Buchla, which is also very rare and fun to look at.
    Starts at 7:25pm at the Damrosch Park Bandshell - its open air and free.
    Lets talk afterwards about our favorite instrument: Monome..:-)

  • so wish i was in NYC for the summer.

    this sounds like fun!

  • hey pyro, how did this go? armitage goes back a long way- have you done other work with them?

  • hey Lance,

    The whole show went really well. And for me, even after many years of live experience, it was very impressive as well: standing on the stage, 2000 people in the Park at the Lincoln Center and in the back the illuminated skyline of NY - unforgetable.
    This was my first work with Karole Armitage and hopefully we can show this somewhere else.....

  • wow that sounds amazing- hopefully someone shot video?

  • I can't believe i missed this! Met Don Buchla about a year ago, played the marimba, but i've only ever seen the lightning... never performed.

    is there video?