Monome Spotting!

  • Now that the monome is becoming much higher profile and noticed in the media i thought it'd be interesting to collect together any images of a monome being used in bigger name environments. Everybody knows Daedelus is the primary champion user of the monome, but what others are there?

  • I wonder what patch that is ;) Anyone catch what Alessandro uses it with? MIDI, CV or samples.

  • There's a lovely video of him using Flin to trigger an auto-player upright piano.

    Now thats a setup I'd like to play with.

  • im pretty sure he uses MLR at some point as he uses it in his solo project Modwheelmood, Flin is used in some of ghosts material so i think its used in the ghosts jam sections.

    As a side note has anybody been to see nin on this tour or seen the videos of the video technology they're using? Some of it is quite astounding, theres one section where there is a giant step sequencer projected onto a video screen and then trent reaches up and taps in a new sequence, biggest monome ever?

  • So - when and how did Alessandro get his 256....?
    Does he post on the forum...?
    256 gets a brief mention right at the end of:

    I'm very envious of the ZeroHalliburton case of EAR and Livewire modules..;-(
    The other vids are worth a watch - he knows his stuff..

  • Alessandro Cortini uses mlr extensively for modwheelmood, he speaks of monome and I believe mlr towards the end of this: You can see him using it here:

    I actually borrowed a large portion of his solo performance. I keep my solo performances minimal, usually I have a guitar, a bass, one amp, my computer, the monome, and maybe a keyboard, which is less than a quarter of the stuff I use when performing with my band. I kinda look like him too, but I wish I had his voice, he has phenomenal range.

    As for Ghosts, the monome is only used once or twice, one particular is 32 Ghosts IV.

    The giant I think is just a visual representation of what is appearing on the Lemur, which they use in for the song Echoplex. They probably have buttons on each of the screens or whatever they are using, and the buttons are connected via MIDI (most likely) to the Lemur, which then sends visual feedback to the screens. That is how I would do it, and the first way that popped into my head.

    Outside of Daedalus' work, the only other places I've seen the monome outside of what I've already shown is in my area, I've gotten a few friends addicted to mine, so they've begun building Arduino clones, but that's not really big press, and I don't play large shows, I play little gigs that aren't going to get the monome huge coverage anywhere.

  • The visual is essentially the interface for the monome though with direct feedback of where you are in the sequence etc. The midi is probably going direct to the sampler as the lemur is only as much of a computer as the monome is, essentially an interface to the program, not the program itself.

    Im not sure the screens have buttons (for all i know they do) but it seems like theres some kind of visual sensor on the entire screen. As theres parts in the set where the screen seems to sense wherever Trent is onstage and clears that bit out. Same goes for wiping the screen clear with a flashlight.

    Regardless its still amazing technology

  • Found another monome used by Alessandro seen above the Jomox Sunsyn when he mentions it as his go to polyphonic. We've seen him use the 256 live but in his studio he has a 128. He even plugs it really well at the end explaining why he loves it so much. :) Same reason I love it so much.

    Also the Buchla clips linked to the right are fantastic.

  • Deadmau5 uses it.

    According to Deadmau5, the monome is a "very cool little 256 light up buttony thing"

    Tehn is "Some guy from Philly..."

    Here's a vid of him using it.-- The 256 is in the foreground: ""

  • I want a 256 at that price!

  • here is a video of deadmau5 using it for a few seconds but mostly using his tenori-on? i think. also it gave me an idea for an app like mlr have the whole monome be for beatslicing a single track that plays and you can adjust how fast each button lights up sorry if that doesnt make sense but it would be good for looping on the fly and other things kinda of how deadmau5 uses his tenori at like 3 mins.

  • No Tenori-on in that shot I saw a Monome 256 and Jazzmutant Lemur, which I think you are confusing with the Tenori-on. I find it funny he has his 3D Deadmau5 head on the table next to him like it was served on a platter.

  • my bad did not look close enough.

  • No sweat you did spot the more important Monome :)
    What a crowd though, that guys huge now. Good for him..he makes some solid beats.

  • blankethead pics from dorkbot sf

  • cycling '74 had a 256 running flin out in the exhibit hall at AES in san francisco this weekend. i didn't get any pictures, but the patch had a cool brown background.

  • EASA Festival, The Tivoli, Dublin


    heres one!

  • Gui Boratto and monome...

    anyone know what application he might be usin with it?

  • looks like a version of the VU patch from the monome base folder

  • slightly modified, tho. it's firing Live clips it looks like. kinda like the version trash80 is using in his youtube vids ( spotted boratto using this forever ago and it looked like the same app so i'm guessing he wrote his own. definitely looks cool...

  • yea ive been tryin to figure it out... i wish some of these artists would contribute there creations or edits to the monome community...

  • fwiw, my girlfriend's brother (knowing i use a monome) txted her from an inner party system show yesterday to inform her that they were using a couple on stage. i've no idea which ones or what they're running. i don't even know what they sound like (tho if the music i've previously heard him listening to is any guide, it's definitely not my thing) but thought i'd mention anyway... interesting to hear about a monome (or a couple in this case) being used in a live band context, if nothing else.

  • john tejada loves monome (and mlr):

  • pretty lights is probably my favorite dj he does a ton of stuff on a monome

  • david phipps from sts9 uses a 128. i think he made it himself

  • he did. it was the first 80h.

    back in the day:

  • oh tightt. thanks for that link. sts9 is probably the best show i have ever been to, seeing them at the filmore in a couple of weeks

  • gui boratto was mentioned before....

  • resurrecting the thread was watching cakeboss on tlc and the made a robot cake for a party and some one had their arduinome or 40h on display pic included.

    1200 x 1600 - 544K
  • haha i saw that too but forgot to tell anyone

  • cake boss rules, but i haven't seen that one. i must.

  • just saw the cake boss episode. it looked like a 40h in a clear acrylic. sweeet.

    i love this show. Italians rule.