cycling74 interview with vlad spears

  • exceptional interview with vlad spears (one of our earliest supporters and favorite people) by cycling74 (max/msp) about music/culture/programming:

    if you haven't yet, check out his outstanding plugin series:

  • Thanks Brian! That interview was so much fun to do. Every time we were in the studio the interviewers couldn't keep their hands off the 40h units. At the end, we had to have "Monome time" where they could just play with them to their heart's content.

    During the portions done at Asphodel we were all talking about how you, Portable Sunsets, Daedalus and Gowns Monome-rocked the place back at the San Francisco launch party. The world keeps on rotating!

  • hey vlad, we're from the same hometown (akron/canton area)!

    nice article. was interesting to learn about your ideas. i've downloaded the daevlmakr plugs (which i didn't know about before this) and am enjoying them very much.

  • Hi Joe! I came across Battery Collection some time ago through Livepa. You have some great tracks up. I really like A Closed Door Is An Open Invitation.

    I was flashing back while listening to the live @ Thursday's mp3... if it's still the same Thursday's in Akron, I played there in ancient times.

  • hah! nice to hear, man.

    it's definitely the same thursday's. prolly just as much fun then as it is now, too (i.e. not very)!

  • Also downloaded the daevlmakr plugs - fantastic for messing up sound - in a good way! - a bargain price also. Thanks for the link.

    Checked out Battery Collection also - Joe, you've got some brilliant tunes. That Youtube video posted with the drumming and the electronic piano track was superb. For my money you can't beat some live drumming.

  • mudlogger - thanks! i appreciate the kind words.

    i usually use drums live, combined with mlr remixing my tracks as well as some e-piano and bells (orchestral). always goes over well. but i'm interested in simplifying it a bit. we'll see what happens...