• well, I finally got around to swapping the chips and trying to wire up an encoder. after being baffled for a while, I do have a signal.

    - it appears the startup pattern does not fade out on the encoder firmware version? it stayed on the keypad until I hit a pad in _40h_test (?)

    is there any base patch besides _test which could be used with the encoder? I don't get any signal on the adc section of _midi

    it's starting to seem likely that I'd need to program something in max etc. in order to take advantage of the encoder (?)

    thanks for any input

  • 1. fadeout isn't implemented on the encoder firmware. just never got around to it, especially since almost nobody is using it. the pattern stays on until an LED message is received.

    2. yes. there's virtually no encoder support in our patches, partially due to the nature of encoders (they send incremental values). _40h_life.mxb does support encoders for playback speed.

    i have an example patch for integrating the encoders (similar to the test patch) which will be a good starting point for whatever you'd like to work with. i'll look around for it.

  • I did this morning get MIDI from the encoder into ableton via monomeserial

    It was not very usable though. sending cc4 when turned left, and cc5 when turned right.

    I guess I should say not very usable natively in ableton. I guess you would translate those cc's to the controls you program in your own app

  • I was having issues with my encoder in that I would turn the knob clockwise
    and it would pulse out the number 255 with every click and the number 1 counter-clockwise. The way I successfully use it is with a max patch that uses the bangs from each pulse. Clockwise would add the number 1 with each bang and counter-clockwise would subtract 1 with each bang. Using a number
    box with the limits of 1 to 127 should create the number range needed
    for midi control. I will upload my small max patch later this evening for you
    because I am currently at work. I think this could work for you.

  • you basically need to route the output of each encoder into an accumulator (accum object in max/msp). you add up the inputs (subtracted from 64, the center) which gives you an "absolute" position.

    i'll make a demo patch.