Sugarbytes Effectrix

  • Is it just me who'd love to see this hooked up to a 256?

    Anyone know the developer? :)

  • i use that with my 256! its perfect!

  • - yeah? you do??? HOW!!!!!!

    Is there a way to map the monome so that it inputs to the grid? That's what I'm really interested in trying.

  • no no sorry to get your hopes up. i just run it as a plug in on top of my monome for production purposes..

  • I'm sure theres a way to do it.

  • yo matt....
    check out their artillery plugin tooo....
    its effects are mapped to a keyboard.....
    shure you could use the monome in midi mode to trigger things

  • That would be an ideal plugin to use with the RGB Arduinome, but it's currently not possible to map the grid to an external controller.. I'm sure the developer would be interested in adding that feature...

    Watch out for filter overkill though.. I'm sick of hearing those DJM-800 effects all the time :-/

  • hey guys i use artillery plug in with the polygome app. wicked sounding fx sequences....

  • Me too having great fun with artillery. unfortunately the demo quits after 30 minutes. anybody knows a free effect keyboard plugin? i like the idea.

  • and speaking of plug-ins that would benefit from a touch of monome - this look familiar to anybody?

    they really should be include monome integration, if only out of courtesy :)

  • ya that plug in is screaming for monome integration.

  • yeh im busy following automaton very closely - leaving comments etc. itll be ace anyway in a host and then rewire max/msp inside and send it through that.

    i though how geeky it would be to run beans midilife and send notes out to a synth that was then effected by auotomaton. life synth controlled by life fx.

    i need t get out more

    ps. automaton videos.