Sore Fingers

  • So I've just arrived home after jamming with a friend and realised how incredibly sore my left hand fingertips are. Now before anyone starts wondering about the ill-effects of excessive monome use (i could talk for hours), you must know that I wasn't playing one at all. For the first time in about a month (and before then even longer) I was playing guitar tonight. With my musical life overtaken by electronics and coding max/msp and chuck, I've forgotten what it means to play an acoustic instrument.

    What is my question then you ask? It is what all you 'monomists' being torn away from by this instrument and community. Principally I'm a jazz guitarist occassionally dabbling in classical, and I think part of why the monome and it's associated music is so interesting to me is the way it enables me to delve into an entirely new sound by still have the improvisation aspect of jazz that I so love.

    Anyone else with thoughts or experiences? What have you been missing out on playing lately?
    And by the way - it felt great to have the strings (be they nylon) under the fingers again - the best pain...

  • I like Monomes devices because you can just pick it up and improvise and make a good peice of music

  • figure out a way to work with 'em both!

    that's what i do with drums :)

  • I've been missing out on playing my piano. I used to take lessons, but then my teacher quit and i went to a music school( I.P.R. minneapolis MN FTW!) and got a 256. I dont even remember the last time time i sat down and played for atleast a good hour. Of course the keyboard is still a big part of the mix tho.

  • Stop that.
    You'll go blind.

  • i like jmelnyk's answer.

    i just mic my guitar and start looping/chopping/screwing and jam with myself. superfun, and very easy by the way with jmelnyk's mod to mlr.

  • yeah. i've yet to figure out a way to integrate my guitar into a monome setup.

    the looping app (pLayer) idea i had earlier this year has been on the back-burner since it got so complex... i need to finish that...

    i am learning that i'm not so good at finishing things.

    i miss my guitar too.

  • For me, it's my Rhodes. As mentioned above, it is my intent to work the two together and start sampling the Rhodes and Monome-ifying it. But I tend to get lost in Monochrome Land or Flin Land or whatever more than I actually sit at the Rhodes. It's so much easier not to have actually turn on the amp and set a mic next to it. :)

    You people need to stop making so many cool apps*!! It's taking over my life!

    *I'm looking in your direction, Mr.s stretta and jmelnyk ;)

  • i can take care of that rhodes for you :)

  • I think the last of my fret-hand calluses peeled away the other day in the shower - I'll have to start all over. All of my guitars have gummy old strings and dust on them since I got my 40h.

  • ....i need to pick up the guitar again. it's been a few... years.. something about these buttons keeps me away from other instruments.

  • I just want a 3x2 monome with buttons so huge I can push them with my feet while I play guitar

    edit: maybe 4x2