Procedure for buying

  • Hi.

    OK, i've looked through the site and i don't get it. How do you buy a Monome? I understand there's a request list. I also understand it is closed at the moment.

    On october 3rd when the new run of two hundred sixtyfours are announced, will they all go to people allready on this list? Or does this mean that on october 3rd the list is open again? Or something completely different??

    Really my question is: Am i wasting my time waiting in front of my computer on october 3rd?

    If someone knows and would take the time to explain it to me i'd be very grateful.

  • to my knowledge (and I could be wrong) the new Monomes will goto the people on the current waiting list. However, if there end up been some left over they will be made public.

    If what I understand is actually correct, then no... you're not wasting your time sitting on your computer on the 3rd of October. Just don't be hacked off if none become available.

    Maybe someone can confirm for sure if I'm correct or not. Just trying to help.

  • correct. the list is served first, then we'll post instructions for public ordering when the list is exhausted. note, the list is exceedingly long-- we're trying to figure out how to properly manage it.

    more news soon.

  • Thanks to citizen and tehn for commenting...i guess chances are pretty slim then. Oh well.

  • build your own man. so much more rewarding and so many guides on it. its cheap and then you can just make a donation to if you feel so inclinded.