music to work by

  • What music do you listen to when working on something other than making music?

  • the cds i'm listening to while doing coursework are; burial - untrue lp (dark future sounds), boxcutter - glyphic lp (dubstep/jazz/drum and bass) and lusine - language barrier lp (beautiful soundscapes). theres a lot of wonderful new music floating around.

  • ro :)

  • I was listening to Norman Fairbanks new Tenori-on only release earlier today while whacking on Jitter stuff:

  • i've been listening to a bit of godspeed in my engineering labs.

    jan jelinek is always a nice one.

    lots of hip hop too.

  • chris clark - body riddle
    apparat - walls

    all good coding music (!)

  • John fahey always works well

  • also justice.

    and prefuse.

    john fahey's tight too.


  • dublab radio

    +1 for fahey

  • MMW


    Amon Tobin

  • I'm still listening to The Irresistable Force - It's Tomorrow Already. I totally lose track of time with that record. Amon Tobin, Boards of Canada, lately. I know, I'm so 1999. Psyched to check out yer suggestions for new stuff...

    Edit: Like the ro - found my way to portable sunsets downloads - vy nice

  • for me its the usual suspects - venitian snares, autechre, anticon/mush (cLOUDDEAD/ sole, etc), prefuse, some rock stuff (i love the enw album by Brand New, the New Amsterdams, etc). the classics: joy division, the cure, depeche. it doesnt usually change between coding and driving and everywhere else i listen.

  • Lately I've been getting back into the Aphex and BOC. Reliving college, I guess. The new Amon Tobin is really nice, too. Listen to In Rainbows a lot - very beautiful. I have an affinity for Ulrich Schnauss and MBV also. The new Venetian Snares 'Soundtrack' thingy is interesting, as is the new Prefuse 73.

    But here are my current 3 favorite work-inspiring albums:

    1. Dan Deacon 'Spiderman of the Rings' - trippy, punky Casio-ish - his live shows are quite an experience also

    2. Why? 'Elephant Eyelash' - just discovered this, don't know how I missed it. Reminiscent of cLOUDDEAD, I think

    3. Holy F*ck (don't know if it's appropriate to spell out) 'LP'. This album is just absolutely fantastic. You could say 'The Bomb'. Silly band name, but man, I can't get enough of this. A+

  • Dan Deacon is awesome. I so wanted to see him live in Boston recently, but the show was sold out.

  • Dan Deacon is my hero. Surprised to find out his setup doesn't have any modded gear! Still need to see him live, it looks like a mad house from clips I've seen.
    I used to listen to a bunch of Eno, BoC and downtempo stuff while working.
    Now I work at a corporate place I can only listen to stuff on headphones and enjoy KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic and Jonesy's Jukebox on indie 103.
    I drive home to heavy/base stuff like Phantomsmasher and that new Burial.
    When I travel I've been listening to Benefist by Ace of Clubs (AKA luke vibert), The Tuss and Chosen Lords by RDJ. There's so much good music but its tough to get to it, and even more so since the Pink Palace collapsed.

  • i've found google searches work pretty well if you include say, in your search

    just copped that burial album. haven't listened to it though.

  • Dan Deacon is definitely the guy to see live. I saw him this past summer and I thought my head was going to explode. TOTAL madhouse.

  • For me:

    Second on Burial and Chris Clarke. Body Riddle is awesome.

    Also see:

    The Thin Red Line score.
    Requiem for a Dream score.
    Shenzhou by Biosphere.

    (preferring instrumental stuff to work by - lyrics distract me)

  • Keith Jarrett - any of his solo live stuff - very calming. Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda. Art Ensemble of Chicago - Les Stances A Sophie. Also Cambodian Rock! - Ros SereySothea - sad story but stunning voice.,,2080959,00.html

  • Oh man... dangerous post to tackle at 2 am. I've been listening to older stuff lately with the demise of OiNK and a decided lack of invite to Waffles or

    Stuff I Generally Love:

    Boards of Canada - Listened to Campfire Headphase alot semi-recently. My highest playcount for an artist on

    Casino Versus Japan - Same vein as BoC but more moody and ambient. I think I actually like him better... but that's a tough call.

    Explosions In The Sky - Amazing post rock awesomness.

    DJ Q-Bert - You can't beat Wave Twisters. Turntablism at it's finest.

    Caribou/Manitoba - Great downtempo breaks. Andorra is awesome.

    Chris Clark - Though not in my rotation at the moment, I'll third the 'Body Riddle' is amazing. It's nice to see artists actually get better.

    Buddy Holly - Goddamn I wish he didn't die. Genius.

    Stuff You May Not of Heard That Is Awesometown:

    Mono - Getting better known now, but I'll mention none the less. Amazing, amazing, amazing post-rock.

    Tycho - Superlike BoC, but slightly different. Really great though.

    Solvent - Great analog electro.

    Your Ten Mofo - Austrian post-rock-ish awesomeness.

    Clue To Kalo - Great folktronica awesomeness from downunder. Really top notch stuff.

    Menomena - This I just heard... and holy shit... Friend and Foe one of the best albums I've ever heard even with my jaded attitude.

    I'm leaving out obligatory Aphex, Autechre... there's more... but I'm about to pass out... if anyone is interested, I can post up a zip with a few sample tracks.

  • > Why? 'Elephant Eyelash' - just discovered this, don't know how I missed >it. Reminiscent of cLOUDDEAD, I think

    i LOVE the track Gemini on that one.

    why? is the second vocalist in cLOUDDEAD, along with doseone. although now he calls the band why?, i dont think he (yoni wolf) does as much hiphop-related stuff anymore

    also, id have to second the aphex and BOC thing, i never can get past them. although i have to say i liked BOCs last album (is campfire headphase still the last one?) WAY better than their prev stuff.

  • I recently found BOC "twoism" which is actually from 1995 but re-released. It sounds a little dated but I still really like it for driving around to.

    Slightly off-topic: There's a series of videos I found on Matrixsynth called The Shape of Things That Hum:

    I thought the best one is where the guys from Orbital pull out a couple TB-303s and mess around for a couple seconds and then genuine Acid House comes out and they're laughing. Like a whole genre of music and a sub-culture came from one ill-concieved gizmo with a bad user manual. And Rick Wakeman is really funny.

    free(ware) Virtual TB-303:

  • to hell with it, i'm throwing out some other stuff i'm feeling, even if it's not "music to work by"...

    new Aesop Rock is dope
    as is the new Les Savy Fav

    picked up Electric Masada: At the Mountains of Madness yesterday and I love it (as well as the new Twin Peaks box set - about time! okay shit that's not even music...)

  • The new Daedelus EP "Fair Weather Friends" has got me moving lately. Much more dancey than his previous work - it's cool.

  • i currently have a huge cob on for silent hill 2 & 3 soundtracks interspersed with the new saul williams album, the cinematic orchestra, david axelrod, def tex and the "Interregnums" part of the new prefuse73 lp.

  • Looks like you guys have some nice taste in music...

    I usually like to listen to the downtempo stuff like tycho, BoC, aphex twin, Radiohead... etc.

    Recently I got the new Kiln album which I thought was done really really well. Also Black Moth Super Rainbow has a some interesting stuff. The RO stuff impressed me too.

    For some funny/interesting Aphex Twin/Top 40 hip hop mash-ups check this guy out:

  • For anyone into BoC - Nathan Fake - Drowning in a Sea of Love is well worth checking out. I've listened to it so often that i needed to stop.

  • >why? is the second vocalist in cLOUDDEAD, along with doseone. although now he calls the band why?, i dont think he (yoni wolf) does as much hiphop-related stuff anymore

    Well, that explains that! I should have figured that out...

    My favorite BoC is still Music Has the Right to Children. I just love that one. Although most all of their stuff (including Twoism) really is great.

    I been trying to dig this new Burial that everyone is talking about, but I don't know if it's my style. I'm having a hard time getting into that garage-y beat style. I don't know, maybe I just sort of missed that sub-genre. Or maybe I just need to listen more to get the subtlety. I tend to lose interest after a couple of songs. Maybe I'm just getting old...

    But man, thanks to this thread, I now have like 10 new bands I have to listen to! Which is awesome, but sort of daunting. ;)

    >For some funny/interesting Aphex Twin/Top 40 hip hop mash-ups check this guy out:

    I was just checking this out the other day! Not SO impressive, but certainly entertaining. I enjoyed some of the tracks, particularly the Snoop Dog/Alberto Basalm one... good for a laugh at least.

  • The Octopus Project


  • I saw Octopus Project in NYC in October - man they were awesome. One of the best theramin performances I've ever seen. I really like the direction they're headed in.

  • kim hiorthoy - my last day
    ulrich schnauss - far away trains passing by
    caribou - andorra
    sigur ros - heim

    this week, at least

  • @ rawray

    Ja! Yvonne is an awesome theramin player! I saw them recently in Knoxville TN.
    It was a great show. I really love their DIY artsy flavor.

  • hey, St. Eligius -

    just want to give you a shout out, 'cause you're pretty much the coolest hospital drama that ever was...

    "you crane girls really knock me out"

    "but tommy doesn't know what day it is..."

    "i do not like green eggs and ham, sam i am, i do not like them..."

    and you better watch out, 'cause peter the rapist is stalking the hallways, at least until boomer tracks him down...

    (only the older folks will pick up on this stuff, but i don't freakin' care if i'm dating myself... :)

  • Yeah, I watched the show a few times and hated it. I picked up the name because its an archaic form of my family name. Yes were blacksmiths.

  • Lately the rotation has included:

    The Mars Volta - Amputechture
    Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass
    Apparat - Walls
    Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur
    El-P - I'll Sleep When You're Dead

    The Mars Volta isn't really that great for work... I have a hard time not banging my head to that shit.

  • A friend at work turned me on to this:

    Probably old news to many but I've been listening to the live sets and DJ sets all week and my productivity has gone thru the roof (not really). A lot of minimal stuff as well as super-experimental and more traditional electronica and there's an hr+ live set from Daedelus which is quite nice.

  • Oval, Cepia, Joy Division, The Fall, Derek Bailey, Mississippi John Hurt

  • Kiln - Dusker

  • The new ones from Haswell & Hecker, Robert Wyatt and Beckett & Taylor.

  • Electroacoustic and musique concrete

  • anyone else like Symphonie Pour un Homme Seul?

    not monome-made, but still one of my prouder moments.

  • boards of canada, burial, cinematic orchestra, deadbeat, monolake, anything and everything by richie hawtin and underworld

  • also slint.

  • bonobo, edIT, pretty lights (free album link

  • Mmm... Music,

    Messer chups, Mouse on mars, Milanese, Modeselektor, Murcof


  • 'walls' by apparat

  • @kevin: slint! spiderland is one of my fave records of all time. I may just have to dig it out. My very first band was heavily inspired by slint. We couldn't actually play our instruments, though, so it was mostly just inspiration. :)

  • dude, i was listening to spiderland when i posted that.

    i don't listen to that record that much anymore, but every time i do i'm like "fuckin damn"

    i was one of the lucky ones that got to see them when they sold $40 hoodies.

    sooo good

  • I subscribe to these fine podcasts:

    XLR8R Podcast:
    Brooklyn Radio:

    XLR8R is wonderfully produced!

  • minutemen - double nickels on the dime

  • Kilowatts writes some wonderful downtempo and mildly glitchy music. Excellent thinking music, been listening to his "Ground State" album lately.