40h vst step-seq. HELP please

  • hey everybody,

    i try to run steve_duda´s monochrome40h vst on ableton live6 under mac osx 10.4.10 and just can´t make it...:-( it looks so simple on those amazing vids with the 256 - but still...

    i tell you what i´ve done so far:
    - the vst and the cfg are into "vst"-folder
    - running the last monomeserial - no probs, well connected
    - ableton live6>> i put the monochrome40h-vst into midi-track 1
    - any impulse-dumset on midi-track 2, midi from: midi1, and at "pre fx/post fx" i select monochrome40h
    - monitoring of both (??) tracks on "in"
    - at the midi-preferences of live6 monome serial1 is set up like this: track>on, sync>on, remote>off (correct?)

    first of all the monome-buttons don´t react on anything. there are a few on. but that´s it. they´re not synced to the vst surface somehow...
    when i push monome´s buttons i have a midi-signal. but the lamps are still like when i connect monome´s usb to the computer (2,33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro).

    anyone out there to help me?

    thanks in advance,

    stephan bodzin

  • > when i push monome´s buttons i have a midi-signal.

    Sounds like MonomeSerial is set to "MIDI" Mode? MonomeSerial needs to be in OSC mode, not MIDI.

    re: your settings, sounds correct, you don't need the MIDI track with MonoChrome to monitor ON, but it shouldn't hurt either (only needed for a MIDI keyboard to control monochrome)

    Also some monochrome tips:

    -MonoChrome needs Live to be in play.
    -you can confirm the prefs (.cfg) are being found by the plugin (if "note out" reads 66 for all pads, the prefs are *not* found).


  • got it running! thanks for your quick help!!! now i´m waiting for my 256... :-)

    cheers from bremen, germany

    stephan bodzin