Tenori-On as a Monome Clone?

  • Hello,

    i hope i don´t hurt any feelings on this board but with the Monome beeing strictly limited and, to what i know, not available yet, i wonder if there´s a way to let Tenori-On act like a monome.

    Is there any chance to use the provided apps in a similar way like they are used with a monome?

    Thanks in advance and bear with me, i am totally new to Monome and what it does.


  • http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=1748&page=1#Item_6

  • Thank you, would have been to good to be true :)

    Damn, i wish i had at least basic technologie and soldering skills to go DIY, hopefully there´s another batch of monome soon ....

  • The forum is drowning suddenly!