CIA World Fact Book

  • The CIA World Factbook tells you interesting facts about other countries, GDP, population, mortality, and as for this discussion illicit drug trade way down at the bottom.
    Afghanistan produced 2 million pounds of heroin last year 17% up from the year before that. Not our boys but we sure are lied to I mean we need to come home and hold war crime trials for you know who. Also the US is the number one consumer of cocaine. Columbia produced 1 million pounds of that in 05. The CIA must have stopped trying to be found within itself as far as that the Afghani numbers are 07.

    "A government by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth."

  • and how does this have anything to do with monome?..

  • I just asked myself the same question.. but yeah, the CIA world fact book is an interesting source of information.. No word about the newest very addictive US export product yet? I think it's called monome...

  • this is dreadfully off topic, but i can't help but be interested, given the crazy climate of our country.

    here we are spending god knows how much money on the DEA and on over-crowded prison systems, and yet we are still the number one consumer of cocaine. imagine if all of that cocaine that is imported was legal and taxed. i wonder what our net would be if you add up the money we'd save and the money we'd make, as a country...


  • If you read the information on the following page you'll think the whole world is addicted to drugs, involved in dealing, trafficking or money laundering..

  • Check out Air America, It's got Downey Jr. in it so we can reference old Iron Man back in the day.

    You really had me going with the monome being an addictive export. GO PHILLY!!!

    The irony really is we feel like we are the worst. Dude we are the last to go as usual. Take another cool fact off there and you see by the GDP that we totally gave S. Korea a real life.

    And for real did you really expect underground superfortress to eventually show in Afghanland. And why not leave when they weren't there? Why all that money? Why all the politician high off their ass?

    No drama really America isn't for sale and it's worth a pretty penny. Thanks for responding. : )

  • Is this a Turing test?

  • lol, I was expecting hostility and delighted with humor. I suppose too many are becoming the computer they aren't smart enough to use productively.
    I think I cut most about every school on the planet by buying my own computer with my own money upon entering. Odd that that would cut but they didn't seem to understand me, I even caught a glimse at a really rare mono color (not white) old fossil of a computer of a brand that has long since died. There seems to be a failing theme of lacking respect for access to knowledge in upper education, that contributing to a lack of product ( I mean they really don't emphasis teaching anymore on their what we give page), renders us "Just Doing It!"
    Go Phillies!

  • Uhm..what?

  • Since we're way off topic - here's some rad visualizations I think the CIA World Fact Book might have missed:

    Every flight in the world tracked over 24 hrs:

    World map scaled to socio-economic factors:

  • @rawray7: wow, that's incredible! Look at all those airplanes, you can almost read what time it is locally by looking at the big yellow spots...

    Here's some more: --> very nice!