I want to play you on the radio

  • I do a show every thursday from 8-9 (eastern) on wobc (wobc.org) called folktronic. I play artists like four tet, fennesz, the books, etc a lot. I even played tehn once or twice. I also do live mixes with my monome now and then. It's all sort of strung together every week. I'm always looking for new music and I know a lot of monome users make these kinds of tunes, so if you think you'd fit in please let me know, Thanks.

  • What is the best way to contact you? Just post here? Whisper? Email?

    Thanks! :)

  • Any way works (posting here is great so that others can listen too). I will post here when I plan to play a track from you guys.


  • i don't really fit that sound, but you can find some of my music here and decide for yourself: http://hippocamp.net (release hc191)

  • Here are a couple of tracks from a duo I participate in called othership:



    If you dig I can get you higher quality mastered files...

  • you want to play ME on the radio?


  • there is a wide variety of things that i'm involved in in one way or another at http://www.soundcyst.com/sound/

    a lot of it is my own electronic work, but some of it is things that i recorded or played on. except for dontcry.mp3 and time.mp3. those are dilla tracks =)

  • Here are a few things:


  • http://www.myspace.com/ellulband

    i can give you some higher quality mp3's via email if you're interested.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sleepingcitizens

    My EP from a few months ago is up there. there were also direct links to download a 320kbps mp3 version but i think the links are dead.

    If you want to use it let me know and I can send you it.

    Hope you enjoy!

  • http://www.miximal.com
    has mp3s from a couple of people on this forum.

  • "No Time For A Change, Pt. 1" is a track of mine that might fit the bill:


    I'd be happy to send full-quality MP3s of any tracks you dig, just give me holler. Same goes for any of the rest of my friends in this great community too, of course =).

    More info:


  • check out my site...i'd be happy to send you full wav files if needed.


  • here's an ep i did a while ago:


    i'm working on a double-album which is a little more folktronica-esque than the ep, sort of in the vein of lucky dragons or fennesz. i'll post a link when it's done on the boards, but shoot me an e-mail at:

    cornelius dot magritte at gmail dot com

    if you would like me to send you some advance tracks or what have you. keep it real!

  • Thanks for posting everyone, it was really fun to listen to this music. Tomorrow night I'm going to play phortran, flatland prometheus (screwed and chopped voices track), born out of moonshine, battery collection, tehn, sleeping citizens, and everyone else I often play who doesn't post here. I will probably play the rest of the tracks here and there on future shows, so listen every week (you can stream it online).

    @Miaoux miaoux, I want your clock goddess track, where can I download it?

    @jmelnyk, you live near here right? Do you want to do an on-air performance sometime?


  • that's awesome, thank you so much colin! looking forward to hearing it.

  • Colin,
    Stoked to hear your show.
    heres a shorter recorded track

    and a recent live set - its a sketch version of a new set I am working on.
    (a little noisier than I would prefer, but its a pure monome set)

    If you would like higher res files let me know.

    Also, I live near by as well - be happy to do a live set - if there's interest.

  • which one is the screwed and chopped voices track?


    campbell - name i record under
    flatland prometheus - name of that ep

    super-stoked about the show!

  • I'm hoppin on this radio train


  • i don't fit the bill but these guys do.

    secret owl society - top genuine nice bloke - he started up cllct.com


    also Ornament is very folktronic.


  • have this if you like!

    " http://spoomusic.com/albums/Various%20Artists%20-%20Spoon%20Music%20Volume%201/10%20-%20Various%20Artists%20-%20Lime%20-%20zero-g%20in%20fluff.mp3 "

    changed track! if you want a version without that severe limiting, gimme a shout

  • soundcloud.com/earthrise

    they aren't monome tracks but i think they could fit in. i'll have my monome within a few weeks and will post some stuff with that once i make something.

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  • www.schplingidy.com

    new album in about a week

  • Funny sh!t. Well I'll tag on to this one then.

    My radio show is called "Carryout or Delivery" on WFHB.ORG (Bloomington, IN 93.7) every Friday night/Saturday morning from 11pm - 1am (eastern) and I do play A LOT of monome dudes.

    If you have music up for download anywhere chances are I've played it out here :)

    I'll be there in a week.

  • heres my tracks...


  • for some neo concrete folktronic post pop from iceland :: check out myspace.com/kliveisklive