Normal Ones live 6-channel performance in Colorado

  • Sorry for the short notice but people in the Denver area should check out a show I'm doing with my new project Normal Ones at the Denver Botanical Gardens this Thursday (Oct. 9th) at 7pm. It will be a live 6-channel immersive surround sound electronic music performance!

    We will be using a Monome 128, EMS Synthi and Monomachine. We have been working all summer long to perfect control of this kind of live sound environment with the Monome. I will be using Molar and Boiingg for both spacial control of sound, live sampling of vocals and sequencing. We managed to make special arrangement with KV2 to get a killer PA system to spec for this kind of performance so it should sound excellent! There will be other electronic artists playing that night as well that are worth checking out. Also a cool a/v installation in the gardens.

    Details here:

    450 x 612 - 82K