Monogrid toggles and some other ideas

  • Monogrid is oh so nice. It will get me further than any else I've tried to a mouse-less and screen-less performance workflow. I just love it!

    But I am anxious to see the 'toggle' functionality come to light (sorry-no pun intended), so we can get visual feedback on things other than clips.

    Oddly enough, whenever I midi map buttons to things like mutes, if I change to a different grid and then back again, any assignments with 'on' states have their buttons lit. So it appears the feedback is working, just not during the actual interactive button presses. (This same phenomenon happens when I go back and forth from midi map mode.)

    I attempted to get the code from '' (from momo_the_monster) to work along with Monogrid with (so far) no success.

    Any chance we'll see an upgrade or beta to Monogrid with the 'toggle' functionality soon?

    Another crazy idea might be to have the ability to use other exotic CC's like program change increment/decrement, but now we are talking about
    customizing individual button presses.

    I hope I'm not asking for too much. It's just so revolutionary for me!!

    Thanks ahead of time for all the generous info here!

  • One easy way around this if you happen to be using Ableton Live is to assign the buttons to (for example) the on/off switch of a Midi Pitch Shift filter, set to shift by 0. This way, Ableton sends the proper on/off signals to the monome - and since you're shifting by 0, nothing actually happens when it's on.

    This is probably only practical if you're already using Ableton with your Monome. Since I'm a big MonoGrid user, I'll see if I can integrate my old code with Monogrid for you - probably sometime after Thanksgiving.

  • I seem to remember the Midi Pitch Shift trick did not work for me, but I'll go back and try that again. We're talking about the bypass button on the upper left hand corner of the Pitch Shift module, right?

    I had to edit the prefix back to 'box' as suggested in the 'random lights' thread as I was also experiencing this problem. I haven't gone back to try the Pitch Shift trick since that.

    Really, the way things are working now, it's not a big deal. All I have to do is press the grid button on the bottom row and I see any "on" states. Even if I'm already on that grid, I can just press the same grid button again and any "on" states appear lit.

    Btw, you may already know, but 'toggles' are apparently already present in the existing 2.1 code but not yet implemented. So it stands to reason that these will eventually be coded in for real. If you are still considering a mod to the code, perhaps this bit of info will be useful.

  • >"...I'll see if I can integrate my old code with Monogrid for you - probably sometime after Thanksgiving."

    Any progress on this? Sorry if I'm pestering.... :-)

  • Just found this thread again, btw - it kinda seems like enableton has taken over for Monogrid, but now they both seem to have fallen by the wayside - enableton is now only available through Google's Cache.

    I have a 128 and really want a MonoGrid with Toggles that works with a 128 and lets me re-assign MIDI notes in the config. I have little:no time right now for coding, but hope I can indeed pick up this project again this spring.

  • If i follow what you are saying, the way I get around it is to (all in Live) add a dummy track/clip (empty midi clip) that is set it to toggle and set the trigger to 1/32 then I map that to the same button that turns on the effect when you hit the button to turn on the effect it triggers the clip causing the led to light when you hit the button to turn off the effect it toggles the clip to stop it (turning off the LED/Button in the process).

  • you lost me a little bit, but I think you've got it.

    You want button 1 on row 1 to toggle your mute, so you MIDI-map it to the mute, as well as a MIDI Pitch effect set to 0. Now when you toggle your mute, it also toggles the MIDI Pitch on and off, which sends the proper toggle.