• Well, wish I had chosen a cool forum name which I could use all over the internet... Anyways,



  • tehn, corporation -- should we start a "group" in soundcloud?

    Just wondering. Might be cool.

  • good idea. done. i hope it will let me add other moderators...haha.

    edit: what do you guys want the subtitle to be? i have my favorite monomisms: "small is beautiful", "hello, we are friends"....other ideas?

  • okay, cool, I've joined up.

    how about "we are minimalists"?

    Can you make tehn a moderator?

  • you just can't go wrong with that 'we are friends' talk

  • at this point i can't figure out how to make anyone else a moderator. so you're stuck with me until they add that feature. edit: eric says you can't add moderators yet, but they're adding it soon.

    do you guys think i should leave the group open to automatic submission (from what i can tell someone has already taken advantage of us...who is KISK?), or closed (i guess i'd need to verify tracks or something)?

    please give me feedback/suggestions...

  • I've just started with my Arduinome 128 for a drone/dark ambient project using a mixture of synthesis and some field recordings, saw this thread and was inspired.


  • rawway - hour-long dj mixes abound

    what do you think of requiring tracks to be relevant, in some definable way?

  • haha!

    holy shit...our group was raped. thanks for pointing that out, kramer.

    i'd feel bad if i deleted somone's track who was indeed a member of the community. i'm going to clean up the tracks that seem inappropriate. if i deleted your track - don't hate me, just shoot me a mesage on soundcloud or here.

    they added the functionality of multiple moderators - any nominations/volunteers for moderators? I just made Tetramorph a moderator - as it was his suggestion. (tehn has to join the group first if i'm going to promote him to moderator)

    EDIT: if there are any specific tracks left that look like spam, please point them out...i just got rid of all the random "minimal house"





    a mix from my last show. New stuff on the way.

    @Edison, on the train to providence will listen to ur new shit when I get back.

  • wow. I'm a moderator. I've never moderated anything before! I sure hope tehn comes on board. I feel pretty unqualified.

  • @Tetramorph

    You can do it!

  • so cool that this thread started. Only 2 monome tracks up now but 2 more on the way by mid August hopefully! Keep killin it y'all!



  • bump!

    (this is going to be a fun day listening to all of you.)


  • Awesome!

  • a few things:

    1) the monome group is consistently pummeled with non-monome tracks, if you would like to report any, shoot me a message on soundcloud (or whisper here, but lets not take up space with this).

    2) better yet, if you would like (for you or someone else) to become a moderator...i'm open to nominations and/or volunteers. i don't have much time to police the group.

    3) peep!

  • I've got some time to spare on this. I'd be happy to play sheriff. Any tips on picking them out - I mean, If someone's launching clips in Liva via a monome it could be pretty hard to tell. Just give it my best guess?

    Perhaps make a strong suggestions that people tag their tracks with monome first?

  • :)





    There's a chance you might dig it.


    there's not much up yet.... will be very soon



    @raja I am continually encountering people who have grabbed "cassiel." It's annoying. After all, I own Limited, dammit.



    mainly remixes up there, the two unkle tracks are where my sound's at currently. not much in the way of monoming i must confess, i use it pretty much just for gigging.


  • a few weeks ago i uploaded the little ep that i put together late last year...

  • Hello all,
    15 in total all free to download some monome some not.
    got a website too

  • Good day to you all.

    Just thought I share it with you.

  • here goes, the tunes are little old... maybe I'll update em' when school/work doesn't have me so busy. Have a listen, leave a comment...

    aww hell, while I'm at it,

  • bits n bobs.


    Now the hard part is to go through all these posts and start following all you magnificent bastards.

  • (before:
    I just got a monome, so nothing up here has used it yet. But as it has my creative process, this tool will pervade my recorded work soon enough. )

    I have now owned for about eleven months, and as expected, the monome has pervaded my recorded work, as exemplified here:


    gonna get some current stuff up


    more tracks up soon



  • might aswell

  • actually just updated mine. long overdue.