Usine -- Problems with OSC

  • I've got my monome communicating OSC to an application called Usine.

    The software indicates that it is receiving the OSC, but the OSC send/receive modules in it aren't responding.

    Here's some info on what the module is looking for...


    [OSC Receive (x1 to x32 values)]

    Each OSC data is dispatched to its respective OSC type tag order. For
    example if the tag is ‘,iiif’ the first ‘i’ data is sent to the data1 field,
    the second ‘i’ to the data2 field and so on.

    Usine accepts the following type tags:

    i : integer;
    f : float 32bits
    b : blob (array of float 32bit)
    c : ascii character sent as 32 bit
    r : 32bit RGBA color
    m : 4 byte MIDI message (channel,msg,data1,data2)
    T : true
    F : false
    N : nil
    I : infinitum

    Name in/out type min max Symbol Comments

    addr - text - - Osc address string of the message
    data 1-32 - data - - Received data fields
    receive out data 0 1 Lights up when a new data is received.
    on change in data 0 1 if activated, the data 1-32 values are sent only
    when they have changed. (sent only one time,
    and nothing otherwise)
    if not activated, the data 1-32 keep and hold
    the last received value.

  • EGAD, ok nevermind, I fixed it.

    I was adding /press and then the coordinates, when the receiver just needed /press alone