Guitarist floorboard control for LIVE!

  • Hi folks,

    I am truly excited to have discovered this initiative. I am a guitarist that requires hand free manipulation with LIVE! and just think that this is the perfect interface for what I hope to achieve. My first question is regarding overall dimensions and functionality.

    As I need hands free access to the interface I would require larger buttons to activate via foot. I can't readily see that there are larger versions out there. Also, I would expect that the best enclosure would be one at an angle providing better access. Is this a custom kit that I need? I am shooting for a 128 configuration.

    Can someone point me in the right direction to take the first steps here?


    - bags

  • I'd first consider how many separate footswitches you think you need. 128 is a lot of buttons, if its something you're walking away from and up to on stage, perhaps too many. But you know best.

    as an example simply using 64: in theory software-side you could assign 8 buttons in a row to affect the function/mode of the remaining 56, giving you access to 448 total 'commands' to Live. Of course in this case, now you're pressing twice on occasion, which I'm sure you prefer to avoid.

    Since you don't seem to have a need for the enclosure and buttons (which is really 95% of the monome appeal to me) I'd say a 40h kit (or two) might be the best way to go, if you can find 'em.

    you'd be in for some of this:

    and making your own enclousure with footswitches.

    Also this might interest you (that someone posted in another thread)

  • I'd agree on the previous comment about reconsidering how many switches you need. Take into account how large the switches will be and how much spacing you need between them for accurate presses by your foot.

    I did something with the 40h kit - but I only used a fraction of the 64 possible switches:

  • sean, thanks for the link! very intersting, i didnt realize that is what you were doing (i was wondering what came of your serial routing app).

  • Really nice sean! I've been thinking about getting a kit and building a pedal board, something like yours.