problems with mlr

  • just got my monome. when i load a file into mlr, it plays it at like 100x it's actual tempo and no matter how much i slow it down, it is still absurdly fast. why is this?

  • make sure the number to the right of the octave display is set at 1

  • you'll probably want to use a shorter sound clip.

  • why don't clips load at 1

  • depends on what samples you long or short are they? and try to play with the + & - on the octaves..bring it to 1 like the rest of the guys already said

  • >>why don't clips load at 1

    I think that's a good question - even without the question mark.

  • clips don't load at 1 unless the tempo of the clip is the same as the tempo of mlr when you load it.

    mlr automatically speeds loops to match the tempo. it also depends on how many bars your loop is, and how many steps it spans.

  • thanks that helped for at least a couple samples loading at 1... perhaps i didn't cut the other sample as well

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