MonomeSerial - Issue

  • Hi all,

    I was running SerialIO till now. Today i wanted to try MLR3 and the Monome doesn't seem to interact with the application. So i thought of using MonomeSerial from now, which doesn't work either with ML3 or MLR 2.25.

    I'm not sure but i think i mussunderstood the "Adress Pattern Prefix"-thingy.
    I tried it in MonomeSerial with "/40h" and "/mlr" but both doesn't work.

    Anyone knows to help me out ?


  • changing the prefix to /mlr should work.

    maybe post a screenshot of your setup?

  • 1) port settings are crucial of course ( 8000 8080)
    2) check max/msp log for any "opening port errors" or whatnot. You can also check (applications->utilities).
    3) mlr3 prefix is "/mlr". I believe you need to tab/click off the prefix field before MonomeSerial "reads" this newly typed value (though pressing enter should work too).

    your problem indeed sounds to be prefix related, and probably something else as well (like a port conflict, my guess is SerialIO was still running so you had in fact 2 problems).