Kaoss Pad KP3 trade

  • Looking to trade a hardly touched KP3 straight up for either a microKorg or an Alesis Micron. I'm in New York, so it would be nice if someone was interested near by.

  • I'm in Florida but would do it. I have an alesis micron

  • Yeah? My dad goes to Florida pretty often. What part and what kind of condition is it in?

  • I live in Orlando. It's in good condition the only thing wrong is it's missing one of it's bottoms caps. I could probably get one though and put it on.

  • He will be in Florida December 2nd to the 9th, but he is in Deerfield Beach and probably unwilling to make a 3 hour drive. Any suggestions?

  • I could meet him or drive the distance. I wouldn't mind that way we could see the condition of everything.

  • Yeah, much better than running the whole shipping risk, not to mention paying for shipping. Well, let me get your email and we'll definitely work this out when it gets closer.

  • Sounds good. Hehrye@gmail.com