loops n stuff - XFRSCD01 (sample CD)

  • Hope this isn't forum misuse, just wanted to mention that a sample CD I've been working on with my studio accomplice/fellow 256 owner Deadmau5, is now available for pre-order.

    I've spent the last few months on it. There will be a bunch of samples from the CD available in the upcoming FutureMusic mag DVD.

    Its a CD-ROM of ~500 megs of self-created/royalty-free wav loops and one-shots for producers, geared a bit towards dance music but IMO suitable for most any electronic music production.

    You can get some more info here:


  • Any preview clips?

  • Heres a small excerpt of some (rather randomly selected) sounds... just for monome users...!


    25 meg .zip

  • THX!
    Can't wait to get this!


  • is he(deadmau5) gonna sue us if we use a loop?

    re: fruityloops fiasco

  • im going to make a number one hit out of these freebies


    they sound real nice

  • You guys are going to make a killing. These really are great. Thank you.

  • Any plans to offer this as a download? The shipping rates a pretty high IMO. Pirates will probably get their copy before me! :-(

    Shipping Methods: Delivery Date: Rate:
    Priority Worldwide USA USD $56.05
    Xpresspost USA 2008-12-03 USD $23.65
    Expedited US Business 2008-12-09 USD $14.95
    Small Packets Air up to 2 weeks USD $8.59
    Small Packets Surface 2 to 4 weeks USD $7.32

  • Thanks for the nice words sharpeye + keith!

    keith, I think you'll be getting it pretty quick with even the cheaper shipping options (I'd suggest Expedited US business).

    We hope to offer it as a download but there are some logistical issues there as our merchandise company hasn't done such a thing before. So, as of now no concrete plans, but I do hope to provide that option by the time customers start recieving the CDs.

    And thanks for saying we're going to make a killing - I don't think so really, we hope to move several hundred and simply break even on the time and costs involved (which would include my paychecks, so i guess thats for-profit).

  • One thing, maybe audio examples? Kinda difficult to want to spend dosh on something you can't audition, especially for audio sets. Wouldn't you agree?

    edit: on the main purchase page.

  • any word on if this is gonna be available via download. i would buy it for sure if i could download it.

  • You can purchase a downloadable version at http://www.loopmasters.com