• Thanks.
    The vibe like sound is my Wurlitzer electric piano. The clicky sounds are the rims of drums, shutting a book, thumping a couch pillow and chopsticks on a table.

  • @occular -- okay, I dig the mods. They were a little funny at first, but then I got used to them. Now we need arpeggiate up&down!

    I had thought it would be nice to use the empty button as a "hold all" on/off -- but I think this is better, at least right now I do. It would be nice if we could punch the light off on the right column when we are done. It would also be nice to be able to "hold" the homophonic mode.

    Thanks for the fun!

  • wow. you've got a great sounding wurli...mine doesn't sound that clean...i really need to get rid of the hum.

  • @occular

    looks great... however when i launch if i press anything i get
    inlet:list: wrong message or type

    and nothing else happens. org tin seems ok. any thoughts on setup?


  • thank you all for the kind words ! I'm glad you like it.

    @tetramorph: the led-response issue is a bigger thing, I'm on it..
    What do you mean exactly by holding the homoponic mode, how should it behave ?

    @heuristic: yes, I've noticed that too, thanks, but I couldn't spot that out yet..
    it seems to work for now, but I'll take more time to fix that.

  • @occular

    very nice mod you made, have fun using it. Do you think you possibly can fix the externeal sync bug? Somehow i can´t sync tin to live, would be awesome tough.

    thanks, hr

  • I'll take a look at it ;-)

  • It is really neat that tintinnabulome is being modified. This is a interesting group project and combination of ideas from multiple sources. Truly in the monome spirit.

  • @stretta: I'm glad to have your blessing on my side ;-)

    I've tried to fix the Live-sync problem, but its a bit tricky for me. I've got the sync, but the speed of each column don't response... HELP

  • Try replacing with this clock.mxb file.

  • Great, it works !
    Here the version with fixed sync,
    thanks stretta.

    P.S: please sync on beat clock source

  • @stretta -- thanks for the clock help!

    @occular -- thanks for all the great mods you are doing.

    What I meant by "holding" in homophonic mode is simply that, when the hold button at the top of a homophonic column is pressed, the chord would "hold" until pressed again. While being held you could still press buttons to modify its relative position, just as you can now. Does that make sense?

  • Oh! & could someone add tilt functionality? I've really been missing that. occular, could you just rip that code from polygom

  • Something that would be really cool, sort of a hold variant, would be a 'manual advance'.

    ie: push the button at the top of a 'manual advance' enabled column to step to the next note in mode/seq.

    I'll add here, that I personally don't mind a lot of set-up first, and then a more simple interaction once in motion. That feels more in tune with the app, and tintinnabulation.

    imho thanks.

  • @dadek: I agree with the detail being in the set-up, so that the actual meditation can me truly simple. Thanks

  • hallo, this app os really great.

    btw, is it normal that you can have only a homophonic column working indipendently? i mean that if you have two diffrent ones you only changing the movement of the first will affect the harmony of the two.

  • @dirtysilver: I'm not sure I really follow the questions exactly. Have you downloaded the most recent mod? There was a problem with the first one where columns would go lock-step with one another, but that problem was solved by Stretta right away. Is that what you are talking about? Please describe a bit more.

  • Having just listened to the video of Tetramorph and the tracks from dadek using this, I'm really looking forard to getting time this weekend to try this out.

  • I just lost hours with this app ;-)

  • My first post here since getting a 64 and I have to say I love this app, I really hope we see more development on this, seems like there are a few bugs but I still immensely enjoy this.

    As an idea, it would be nice to have a row that could be unaffected by the key changes, make a cool drum sequence, but when you change keys it changes the drums, it would really be a all purpose app. I'd go crazy for something like that!

    BTW I absolutely love my monome!

  • hi tetra! yes i have downloaded the last vers by stretta...i'll try to describe better in english (which is not my 1st language)

    everything works fine, xcetpt that i can't set different homophonic columns to work independently. i mean that if i have a homo column playng a chord with the (let's say) I square the V square and the VII square marked it will do its job, but when i set another column as homophonic and try to use a different combo (let's say II square IV square and VI square marked) it won't follow this combo but it is still linked to the squares marked on the first column (I, V, VII). hope that i'm more clear now

  • Yes I have the problem too, also I seem to get the stuck notes, and at times entering a pattern in a column will cause the speed or duration of another to change, that one is kinda odd as it's seems to be random when it happens. If I remove the pattern and disable the hold, move the pattern to another column then it will work fine *shrug* Being new to the monome I'm not familiar at all with Max/MSP besides running apps but I'd hope to learn more.

  • oh! maybe this is the real problem....i've downloaded the last vewr tintinnabulome-occ 0.2.

    the file (111kb) does load but there's no communiction with the monome (prefix tin), with the same prefix it does communicate with the tin-64 file inside the same folder (is this the old file?) dunno.

  • no, it's the new one cause the clock works...but still homophonic issue :(

  • one more tin-tune


    four columns in tin, original version.

  • hello
    I have the the homophonic problem too, seems to be hard to get it out..
    Sadly I'm very busy at the moment with my project I'm working on. No time for fun for next 2-3 weeks..

    ..but here an suggestion for an alternative layout for tin, maybe we could just collect the ideas in this time:

  • ..great tunes, dadek !

  • Can someone save occular's latest version as a Max 4 file so I can take a look at the homophonic bug?

  • homophonic - a texture in which two or more parts move in harmony, creating chords!
    you learn somethin everyday....

  • Thanks. I'll comment on the layout doc later.

    Don't see how to save as Max 4 from Max 5. Sorry, still a Max noob.

  • Is this what you looking for? I just opened it in 4.6.

  • I think there is no way to save Max5 file as Max4 mxb. I will rebuild it under Max4 and post it here later.. I have both licences.

  • @stretta: so, here it is, in Max4 binary:

  • I love seeing this grow. I can't wait till this is ready to go up on the application wiki. It is such a good app. Even though the community (mainly, occular) has been modifying it, I guess it is Stretta's call as to when he would be comfortable with a wiki page for it. I would love to help construct the page when he/we decide/s it is ready. Even though I can't program, I could at least assist with that regard.

    @dadek: gorgeous piece. I mean I am wowed by it. It is amazing how beautiful a technique tintinnabulation really is. It is wonderful having an app that makes it accessible to the monome conductor. Thanks for your pieces! More! I am looking forward to your first monome-tintinnabulation album.


  • new version 0.83 incorporating occular's changes

    fixes homophonic bug?

  • I'm making a video so you can see what happens, easier then explaining, a couple things I noticed, seems like there is a problem with the duration, and the pattern changing.

    I'll post it later

  • Here is the video (Yay to youtube for it's quality!) hope you can get an idea on what's happening.

    The duration seems to get copied from the last track you edit it on to all the others. Also it seems the cord morphs in the homophonic tracks.


  • Great, its fixed ! Homophonic mode works now !!! Big thanks, stretta !

    ...and 1+ for "based on an idea by tetramorph with contributions by occular"

  • Yes, thanks Stretta. I feel honored to have my "handle" on an app.

  • This might be a silly question, but could someone explain for me what Tintinanbulome does. I've played with it, but I don't think I really understood what I was doing. The more idiot speak the better. :-)

  • @JP -- Check out the very first post where I started this thread. It links to stuff about Arvo P

  • "Tintinnabulation is a compositional device where one voice slowly arpeggiates a chord while another voice slowly moves up or down the scale."

    So in the app there are 7 columns that I see you can pick the "notes" that get played. Are some arpeggiating and others moving up and down the scale. They all seem to have the same options. Do you only get "part" style if you set it up that way, but you can actually set it up different ways?

  • @JP -- Sure, the app itself is flexible. I have been setting up various chordal structures and arpeggiating them at different rates with respect to each other. But you could check each box and then, technically, move up or down the scale precisely as the technique defines.

  • it's strange, i've downloaded the last version but the monome doesn't respond.

    i loaded file _tin_64_0.83 with both max 4 and 5

    it works if i press the hold button on the gui but the monome turns useless

    the previous ones work.

    what could it be?

  • sorry, my bad it works perfectly.

    thank God people like you developers exist

  • ooops it's me again, with the latest version the homophonic issue is fixed but i'm having problems again with the clock. when you set tin to receive clock message from live, it starts to receive random midi messages that screw up the tin set (actually sometimes with interesting results) and keeps playing randomly. it looks like a sort of a midi feedback and i have nothing on but TINtinnabulome and live , so i don't where it comes from. any idea?

  • Clock loop?

  • For what it's worth, I had Tin into live, and live beat synched to tin last night with the current build with no issues at all. Might be a setup issue you're having.

  • problem solved, it was something to do with virtual midi, thanks jp and stretta.

    i should stop flooding this thread :)