• no 'initialise' button until the most recent.

    enter '/tin' in monome serial as prefix should work.

  • is there a newer version than .85?

    if so, where can i get it? i'm looking at the monome docs page... is this not the right place to look?

    please advise.

  • Version as of this post is 0.93 and it is on "page 4" about midway through posted by occular

  • Just throwing one feature request out for fun. How about a 128 or 256 version.

    Two ideas with the 128, not only could you make the UI wider and give yourself twice the number of channels, but you could also rotate the UI 90 degrees and then you'd have 16 possible notes for the arpeggiation.

  • @ tetramorph

    thanks so much for the guidance!

    i've now got it running and oh man i'm so in love with it!

    please note that the confusion lies in the fact that the docs part of the monome site still links to the .85 version.


    thanks so much! off to have more fun =)

  • Actually I might play around with a 128 version, myself, of course that doesn't mean anyone else shouldn't. :-)

  • @JP

    I would love to have a version for 128 or 256. Like tetramorph, I have no experience programming, but I would test it out on my kit - and I would invest in building a 256 if I had the promise of such a program.

    Glad you are engaged in the idea and wanted you to know that you are not alone!

  • Anyone can update the wiki with the latest version. Also, Tetramorph should maybe edit his first post of the thread with a link to the latest version so people don't have a problem finding it - sort of like how the monomeserial thread works.

    Heady comments!

  • @stretta -- as always, thanks for the good idea. Done.

    @All: I am waiting to see what occular is up to next before I significantly work on the docs wiki. Of course, it is a wiki, so have at it! I will, at least, update the wiki (some time today, I hope) to say that .93 is the most recent version and that it comes with its own documentation, etc.

  • hello,

    I'm 1% till v0.94 release, everything works fine !
    Would someone proof-read & complete the documentation I've made?

    tetramorph maybe ?
    I think its better to make it 100% clear before posting.

    please wisper to me for the documentation...

  • Of course I would love a 128 or 256 version.

    I tried to modify a copy/duplicate of a recent version by changing it's prefix to allow me to run a second tintin using quadrants.

    Went through the patch and all the subpatches etc, swapping new names in. I did have two versions running independent at one time, but once I closed and reopened they got all confused again. :(

    Yes, I'm really a Max noob.

  • @stretta: by the way of cleaning up the UI I found in the clock file a swing parameter. Sadly the -s tin_pulse- goes to nowhere in the tvoice patch and I can't implement it. Do you think its possible to make it work, before I post the new release ?


  • OK, after a great collaboration with Tetramorph on improving the documentation its finally done, the v0.94 release !
    A lot of things have been done, and I hope you find it as useful as we do.

    P.S: I think it will be my final release till summer, I'm pretty busy with music now..

    As always, enjoy !

  • Awesome piece of work, Occular.
    A really *really* elegant solution for the button layout and functionality.
    I am floored.
    But in a good way.
    - c -

  • @occular -- truly amazing work! I am so happy with this most recent version and I have really been enjoying my time with it. I just got my A6, so I'm kind of consumed with it right now. But I hope to share some tintinn meditations soon!

    I am also really flattered that occular wanted to include me in trying out a beta of this and in helping him out with the documentation. Thanks so much for including me. It made this non-programmer really feel like I had a hand in the work, and could contribute my part.

    @all -- check out this most recent build and enjoy! I think all will really find it an amazing version of this already great app. There is extensive documentation in the download itself with both an RTF and a PDF diagramming the lay-out.

    I can't wait to hear what the community produces with this new version!


  • Looks great, just need to find some time to start using it.

    I updated the wiki page with new screen shot, the content of the rtf and the correct version download link.


  • great update and very good documentation, thanks a lot to all! :-)
    btw.: i like the right orientation, supi, danke!

  • Hi, this release looks great, will try after work.

    One question though, has the swing been added? this would be awesome!


  • Many thanks, I'm glad you like it !

    @Hrn.Reinholt: da muss ich leider passen, da kann nur Mr. Stretta helfen..
    (engl: no way, I'm waiting for Mr. Stretta answer..)

    Come on, let's hear your pieces !

  • Due to the way tintin subdivides beats, swing wouldn't function, so I just disabled it, but some vestigial swing organs were still in place, which is what occular came across.

    So, it isn't a matter of hooking up some things here and there to make it work. It would take a significant overhaul of the clocking and how the voices work in order to get tintin to swing.

  • Thanks for clarifying this, stretta. It is nothing I want to get absolute to work, it was just a thought..

  • just downloaded this application today and i was thoroughly impressed with its capability, im looking forward to playing with it more and getting to know its interface better. great job/idea folks.

  • Excellent! I'm trying it out this week. Yay!

    Hm, the documentation mentions a duration of 1/16th but the drop down menu only goes to 1/8th. Is there a way to set a function that shifts the duration up or down a couple of steps? I know you said it was easy to implement shorter durations, but is it technically possible to get to full bars or even 2, 4 and 8 bars on separate voices?

  • Whoops. Sorry for the glitch in documentation. No, as of now 1/8 is fastest and 1/1 is slowest. I would also love to see the possibility of assigning faster/slower rates covered by the 7 buttons of the rate columns as a possibility through the GUI in the future. Peace

  • @JP -- Thanks for posting the documentation on the wiki. Sorry I'm so late with the "thank-u." Peace

  • Yo, I tried it and I guess there's some de-learning of the previous version I still need to go through before I can fly on the buttons... :D

    One quick note: I found the previous version's rate page to be more efficient because I could see the rates pattern on the lit buttons. Now the buttons in play mode light up only when pressed. Could a rate page be implemented as in the previous version or was it dismissed after the discussion here?

    Thanks again for the tremendous work!!

  • Here's a little experimental piece I made with tintin at high speeds.


  • @agargara -- very nice! I am surprised by the versatility of this app. It sounds so cool at high speeds. Thanks

  • Nice use of high speed, agargara !

  • Yeah, way cool! got to try this stuff out...

  • After a nice session at Harvestworks in NYC this morning (with an engineer who has monome experience), I am enjoying this tintinnabulome program. Thanks for making it happen!

  • i tried with monome40h_fake and got a error:

    binding to port 8080
    #N: extra arguments for message "r"
    #N: extra arguments for message "s"
    binding to port 8000

    do you know how can i fix this error?
    i am on max 5.1 / windows vista / _tin_64_0.94

    thx in advance

  • this app is insanely good. my deepest and most humble thanks to all you involved in its realization. eeeee.

    ive spent the last 10 days knocking out manual wobble dubstep basslines using only tin. so much fun, people are gonna go insane when i crack this out in my next show!

  • i hope someone much more crafty than i am, someday soon ports it to max for live.

  • Stretta should make it part of the suite.

  • If that was a hint, I'd hate to be on the end of you being direct and to the point.


  • yes give us the m4l version :)

  • jp. i'm extremely tactful, not to mention subtle.

  • It makes me so happy to hear that folks find this app so creative. I do too!

    I think it would be great as part of the suite, of course. Only I still can't take advantage of it! So if any innovations come, I hope that a regular max patch release will always come as well.


  • Hey there,
    I would love to help to port it to M4L, but I'm still ultra-busy with renovation of my new house... 2-3weeks.

    8-C (hrdcr)

  • i'll take a look at it next week. im pretty sure stretta's super busy at the moment.

  • @dovemouse

    being able to add this app to my work flow in an m4l version (esp. with the this instance/stretta juju) would be a dream...

    that being said, i have no programming skills. i completed about 65% of the max 5 tutorials before I got nauseous and had to lie down. nevertheless, if there's anything you need help with that a 3rd grade monkey could do, I'd be willing to lend a hand.

    thanks in advance.

  • been playing around with this lately and can rightly say id give my left eyebrow for a 256 version!!! it just doesn't seem right to have all them lovely keypads unlit and unused. This app is top of my awesome apps list!!! stretta you are a king among men and a fine idea by tetramorph indeed.

  • tintinnabulome for m4l would be just great!

  • oh yes!

  • I love this app. Tried for the first time this week. Simply amazed how good this is as a composing tool.


    I'm in for the left-eyebrow-donating for a 256 version.

  • I'd give my left eyebrow plus cash for 128 or 256 version and/or a 64 version that we would be able to run multiple instances of at the same time.

  • hmm looks like i said i would get this into m4l...i never got round to that.
    i'll have a look tomorrow and maybe a 128/256 version if you're lucky ;)

  • I'm all for being lucky. Thanks.