• w00t!

  • A 128 version would rule!

  • Well, it seems to be the right time for an update...I'll try to take some Time next week to hook up the code.


  • First tests on the 128 version are running ( Got some time now ! )

  • @occular - excellent! A 128 version of this will be wonderful...

  • This could be the beginning of something amazing!

  • ok, I'm pretty far with the coding..

    One general question on speed contol on the monome:

    The patterns are stretched now to all 15 steps, and the speed control buttons starts on row 1 downwards, as usual:

    row 1=1/1
    row 2=1/2
    row 3=3/8
    and so on...

    I would suggest to start on row 15 upwards:

    row 15=1/1
    row 14=1/2
    row 13=3/8

    It seems to me as a logical way to increase the speed up from the bottom, since I use mostly 1/4-1/8 rates. It is hard to remember where the higher rates are, because now you get large free room to the bottom...

    What do you think ?

  • How are you orienting Tintinn on the 128, length wise or width wise?

  • sorry, maybe I should provide a bit more information:

    New in 128 Version ( in progress )

    - vertical orientation only
    - prefix: tin128
    - sequence columns are now 15 steps long
    - the sequence of 7 steps replicates twice ( 7 same notes twice )
    - 15st step generates a silent note
    - new speed modes: 1/16, 1/32
    - new octave shift selection
    - degree and modality scale controls are on one column (1-7= scale, 8-15= degree)
    - new apreggio display
    - GUI: ability to select multiple midi ports/channels with shift-click ( hold shift while checking the item )

    Advantages of this structure:

    - it is possible to generate sequences with note repetitions
    - it is possible to generate sequences with a silent note in between
    - divide a "single note sequence" in half of speed ( half of 1/1)
    - more general possibilities of sequence structure

  • great, thank you ! where can we find it ?

  • I should iron some bugs out, but I could share a beta... left orientation doesn't work properly yet

  • Occular -- This sounds fantastic. I, however, remain tied to my simple 64.

    Could some of these innovations be retrofitted to the 64 version?

    I would especially like silent notes and to have, say, at least 1/16 notes as an option on the fastest end of things. Perhaps on the 64 there could be a menu for what is the fastest option, going down to at least 1/16 note?

    While you are tinkering away, here are some other things I would love to see in future editions:

    Simple arp up/down.

    Velocity and duration added to tilt mode (as on polygom

  • Are we going to see an M4L? This is my favorite app by far for the monome

  • Tetramorph -- some of your suggestions are possible (at least for me) to made.
    Stuff like tilt mode is for me an utopian thing, since I haven't tilt on my 256. Sure, if I'm done with this release, I will "downgrade" to 64-model.

    P.S: some personal reasons knocked me out for a good 6-8 Month.... but I'm here again.

  • @ jeff: sure, if I fugure it out ;-)
    I own M4L now, once I'm ready....

  • i'd love a m4l! no more sending midi to ableton! many many thanks to all for their great work!

  • Occular -- I understand.

    The tilt functionality I am describing is as it appears (gui) and functions in polygom

  • - the sequence of 7 steps replicates twice ( 7 same notes twice )

    So the exact same notes twice, or a two octave range?

    Super exciting to here, can't wait to try it. Thanks!!!!

  • Wow, tintinn is back!! Great !!

    I´d really love to see a 128 version with m4l (autoconfg. would be awesome!!). Update looks wonderfull!!

    I love tintinn!!!! Thanks for this.

  • Sorry to be off-topic... But is Claytron, Johua Kit Clayton ?

    If you are (if he is):

    I F*CKING LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just wanted to state that... Go on guys.

  • I would send out a beta version in short. Anyone who is interested please send me an Email with tintinn128 beta in the subject.

  • pardon me,

    where can I find your email address?

  • In my Profile ( visible now, uups )

  • Beta is send out !

  • this looks very cool!

    where can we download?

  • Email me for the beta

  • Nicely done! Super-useful enhancements!

    No obvious bugs so far..

    A few suggestions:
    I'd like the ability to shift the additional seven steps, toggled via a page (x for instance, renamed to shift2 or something).

    Why not add 1/64 and 1/128 while at it? It might no be particularly usefull though... but still nice...

  • Plopp-- I have tested the 1/64 speed already, but it was simply to freaky on this App. If people need it I can implement it, of course.
    The octave shifting is a bigger issue, since the structure of sequence is based on strettas "satori" patch. I have no idea how to modify this... Of course it would be useful to switch between 2x7 and 1x14 step-long sequences. I guess for now we are fixed to a "2x7 step" mode.

  • Aha!

    I like the shift-clicking very much btw.

  • Nice update for the 128! No bugs so far.

    Great ideas how to handle tintinn through the different pages.
    Will there be a duration page as well?
    Any thought about a m4l version...(with autoconfg.?)

    Thanks for taking the time to do this update...and welcome back to the
    forum. You were gone for a while. I hope all is well !!

  • hey there. everything looks/works great.
    do you think it would be possible (since there are so many extra buttons) that we could get slower speeds in there too? like maybe 2, 3 + 4?

  • Mism-- duration page could be done,
    Mapmap-- 2-speed can be done too, but slower speeds could be problematic...

  • Hello, I am a new monome user and I have a question. I read most of this thread before asking this, but I still suspect that my question may have to do with basic monome functionality (although I definitely read the howto and setup dokus and this is not addressed).

    The app seems to work fine for me, but I don't really understand how to use it to produce sounds. The patterns and modes show up on my monome, but I don't know how to set up voices for those patterns. Are those supposed to come from the app itself, or a different software/VST? And how do I set this up?

    This is my first monome app. I thought I'd try it out before going on to something more developed. I use Mac OS X and monomeserial.

    Thank you!

  • Parches -- The app itself is not a sound source -- it is merely a "modal arpeggiator" outputting midi note information to whatever instrument you have selected.

    You must assign an instrument to each column. You do so by selecting an instrument from the roll-down menu at the side of the top most box in the GUI entitled "destination" - which is to say, your chosen destination to receive the outgoing midi data.

    I am going to assume that you are already using your computer for music. I am going to assume that you have, therefore, a DAW and that you have set up any external midi equipment in the audio / midi set up utility. It is this information that will show up in the scroll down menu of the destination column on the GUI.

    If you have an external synth hooked up to your mac by midi, this should appear in your scroll down menu b/c that menu is just reading data from your audio / midi utility. So, for example, I have a Prophet 600. I named this "Prophet" in my utility. So it shows up as "Prophet" in the scroll down menu. If I select this, then the midi data is sent to my Prophet.

    If, on the other hand, I would like to send data to my DAW (such as Garageband, but I use Logic) I would select "from MaxMSP runtime 1" or "2" (I am using the free version, that is why it says "runtime"). In my DAW (Logic) I would then go to the midi set up and tell it to receive information sent from MaxMSP runtime 1 or 2 (depending upon which of the two I selected). My DAW will automatically sense that I have MaxMSP available to send midi data.

    At this point, I open up a softsynth track and give it focus. It will then receive midi data from Tintinn.

    This is how all of Stretta's midi apps work. So if you figure this out, then you've got Polygom

  • Right, got it! So I hook up the MIDI from the GUI of Max/MSP to a VST in my DAW (What a beautiful sentence).

    That works, thank you! And this app is really pretty amazing! I wonder if there's a way to let Part know about this.

  • Parches -- Great! I am looking forward to hearing your first track on Soundcloud or watching your first vid on Vimeo (which you will point us to here, of course)!


  • I've tested the latest 128 update on a mac and it's wonderful! but unfortunately on winXP the scale changing doesn't affect the notes at all neither the homophonic mode works. is there anubody havin the same problem on win?

  • @occular

    thanks for making duration page possible.
    Looking forward to check the latest update!!

  • I think its time to release something..

    So we have this so far:

    New in 128_1.10 Version

    - prefix: tin128
    - prefix send button on the GUI
    - degree and modality scale controls are on one column (1-7= scale, 8-15= degree)
    - sequence columns are now 15 steps long
    - the sequence of 7 steps replicates twice ( 7 same notes twice )
    - 15st step generates a silent note
    - new speed modes: 4, 3, 2, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64
    - new symbolic apreggio display
    - new octave shift selection ( displays apreggio information on choosen channel too )
    - GUI shortcuts:

    1) Hold Shift Key+Click midi port/channel: sets all following midi channels to the checked one
    2) Hold Shift+Command Key+Click midi channel: sets the following midi channel upwards one number higher the choosen midi channel.

    - Improved clock

    - pdf documentation follows....

  • @dirtysilver: since I haven't a Windows machine, I can't reproduce the failure on OSX, really sorry for the issue. My friends also have OSX only... so if I find one with XP here I would try to fix it.

  • btw: tomorrow I become 30....
    pretty scary I think...8-/

    so I'm off to barbecue for a few days !

  • Occular -- Happy birthday! Thanks for your work! Enjoy the bbq

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30 is not scary. I almost could be your daddy. Is that scarry ? Haha...no,
    not really.
    Wish you the best! Thanks a lot for your great work!!

  • happy birthday!
    and thanks for considering the XP fix

  • happy birthday Occular!

    Anyway I just dropped by to state how much I love tintinnatabulome. Im running a simple 64 and this app has completely rejuvinated my love for the monome.
    Id been playing live with it (the 64) quite a lot but solely as a clip launcher (live 7 no m4l ugh) as I couldnt integrate other apps.
    When I played with tin it was like, wow. fuck clips altogether, you can literally write an entire release in one run realitime (with the skill, voices and presets ;))

    Theres still the unused pages on the latest 64 version, I really hope some of the 128 features can be "retrofitted". It seems Occullar has lots of peeps screaming for m4l integration and all kinds of stuff, but please dont forget us non live 8/ non-128 users!

    Ive been kind of scared at the fact that everytime I visit the apps forum the majority of posts are concerning m4l. Ableton really screwed people with live 7 academic versions, as you cant update without paying the entire amount again! Cant afford that shiz at all.

    Anyway, kinda rambling. Thanks to everyone who made Tin happen!
    Everyone who hasnt tried it, do it!

  • +1 for non-m4l apps. (I love the idea, just can't afford it at present).

    And thanks for all the work on this.

  • i don't know if you guys know about this project, but they have a m4l version of tintinn for a launchpad/ipad/apc monome emulator :/
    ...i have to try it...


  • Good to know, thanks Pauk. Although I'm not a big fan of monome emulators, it's good to see the patch is ported to M4L. It would be great if the patch would work on real monome too.

  • Is there a way to record audio from tintinnabulome? I really want to capture some of the ideas that turn up in my spontaneous sessions with this.

    There doesn't seem to be a "record" function in the app itself; is there a generic way to do so with max/msp apps that don't display it? I don't own any expensive DAWs, so running it to Live isn't an option. Hopefully it's not too CPU-intensive, since I'm just using the onboard Macbook audio and simplesynth.

    Thanks for tintinnabulome -- it's really neat! Just the thing for improvisation. I get some really surprising goodness every time I sit down with it. It's fun to play.