sharing my recording set up - os x

  • i had a really good session in the studio last night and thought i would share the set up in case its of any use to people.

    We wanted to record each channel output of mlr individually, as well as the output from a load of effects boxes, so we can mix it properly in logic afterwards.

    So here we go

    1 - we set up an aggregate device in audio midi set up, combining the 16 channel soundflower and a motu 828

    2 - route each group in mlr (i use aes edit he did for me giving each group its own individual output) to a channel in logic - this gives 6 channels to record straight into logic from mlr

    3 - route the direct desk outputs from the effects channels into logic using the motu 828 inputs (we used 7 - reverb/tape delay/mini kp left and right/gakkensx150/moog phatty/zoom fx)

    4 - we also sent midi clock out of mlr to a moog for tempo synced arp action

    5 - using a group output we used the last motu input to feed the recorder in mlr and also record armed a track in logic to capture each bit of recording we did

    it worked amazingly well, allowing us to record each group in mlr, effects output, 2 synths, and also whatever we recorded into mlr and looped up

    i also set up a template in logic for this set up so each time we record from now on there is no set up time in logic

    just thought i would share, hope i have explained it well, any questions post em up and i will try and answer them


  • very cool ... video or sounds for us?


    phatty 2.0 ?

    how do you like the arp
    easily programmable ... thinking about doing the firmware and usb field upgrades

  • Could you upload the template so Logic users could instantly access it?

    How was latency? I've foundmaking aggregate devices increases latency quite a bit.

    Sounds like a sweet setup!

  • whats gakkens x 150? them synths from Japan you can make yourself?

  • i will gladly upload the template - how/where to?!

    @moognish - yep we have updated it to version 2 and mainly use the arp as its so much fun! thats why we clocked it from mlr for some nice synced up stuff. you can check video of the last gig we did at but that was with a slimmed down setup

    i am trying to up some photos somewhere, but we didnt video it, and i am in the midst of editing up the audio

    @scrubberfox - yep, thats the one. good fun!

  • the template file was probably saved in ~/Library/Application Support/Logic/Project Templates/ ... you should be able to control-click on it and select "compress", then upload the ZIP file right here to the forum as an attachment. I think the forum only accepts certain file types, and the template file itself probably won't upload.

    You should post the track once the audio is edited too!

  • ok, here is the template

    obviously you will need to make your own aggregate device using your own interface, and install soundflower

    i tried to attach a pic as well, dont know if it will work!

    i cant login to my flickr account for some reason

    the moog is out of shot to the right

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  • and here are some screenshots

    i never knew you could post pics on here - what a spaz!

    you can see on the mixer the inputs - 1-6 are soundflower inputs from mlr and 17 onwards are physical inputs on motu combined into an aggregate device in audio midi setup

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    1440 x 834 - 319K
  • thanks for posting template!! I have nothing, no sound etc? no mlr sound coming through etc. sound flower set up properly? any advice?