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  • Hi all,

    When my Monome 40h was deliverd by UPS they charged me for taxes (they gave me a call before the delivered it and asked what's in the package). I couldn't get them down on this issue. I had to pay about additional 100 Dollars.

    From what i know, computer peripherals are tax-free when crossing european borders. Does anybody know more about ? Did you pay taxes to UPS ?

    Maybe just a sticker like "computer peripheral inside" could help out on that.

    Thanx for Info,

  • you have to pay import duties and VAT on items coming into the EU from the USA - i imagine that's what the money they wanted was for.


  • UPS always report all their packages, so using them is = 100% tax and VAT for europeans.

    I had my monome shipped to a friend in the US that was supposed to bring it home, but she ran out of space in her luggage so she sent it to me with USPS.
    Shipping was 42 USD for 3 day delivery to Europe
    No tax
    Value of content stated as a 50 USD LED lamp, which is what i tell people it is when they ask.

  • "LED lamp" - now why didn't I think of that. I sweated it through airport security a few times with my monome but so far no-one blinked - I put it in the tray with my laptop. I was planning to say it was a mouse alternative. LED lamp. I like that, "It's for my moods; I've got the SADs."

  • http://www.sunalite.com/graphics/combolg.jpg

    maybe we should consider branching out. there would have to be daylight balanced leds involved of course... just imagine "happy" as a side effect of constant usage.

    but related to taxes/tariffs...
    we now ship all of our devices under the heading "LED display panel"
    as it is a much more specific description of the device and should help the customs fee assessment in many countries. tariff code is 85312090.

    kits will ship under the description "printed circuits, components and keypads"

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  • When I had my mk kit delivered last year I managed to get away without any tax- I was very happy considering it should have been about EUR 100.
    So using UPS isn't always doom and gloom.