Rewire and mlr(v)

  • Hello,

    i´m using mlrv rewired to live 7 and wonder why all tracks (busses) from mlrv are beeing sent to only one rewire channel in Live (channel 1+2).

    as far as i know rewire is supposed to send every channel to another input to apply fx for example, at least that would make sense to me.

    is there a way to get every bus from mlr into a specific channel of live?

    thanks, hr

  • If you click on the word 'master' at the bottom of each group fader in mlrv you can select the output it routes to. have you done this and it is still only sending to 1&2?

  • hm, i´d love to do so but the runtime instantly crashes when changing the outputs in rewiremode.

  • allright, should have made my homework.

    i had to assign the outputs before i turned on rewire and dac in mlr.

    now everything works great, thanks for the tip.

    sometimes it´s a bit tough to get used to non standard software like the monome apps ;)

  • Glad you got it working.

    Yeah, it can be tough getting used to the apps, the best way I found to learn was to press every button and slider and see what it does. If it makes a horrible noise then don't press that button again ;-)

  • sorry about the rewire killing the app thing.
    i think it's a problem with rewire in maxmsp that you can't change audio driver routing without first turning off the dac. i've tried to look for a work around, but it seems like it just plain and simple doesn't like it!

  • i've got another question. in mlrV, when i rewire it into ableton, i'm not able to register a pattern. I push the right button, it lights up, i create my pattern, but the button never flash to tell me the pattern is saved and running. Is that normal ?

  • make sure you have 'interrupt' selected (green) as metrical time (the timing system used in mlrV) requires this setting to function correctly.

    the settings can change themselves when you select a new driver like rewire.

  • it seems to be that i can only use mlrV rewired in max 5 runtime and not in full max 5. for some reason max runtime is the only thing that shows up in Live's input dropdown menu.
    also, if i assign any the channel outputs in mlrV to 3+4 it crashes. if i skip using 3+4 it all works fine. strange.

  • @mapmap

    change the channels before you turn on the dac, mlrv won´t crash then...

  • Silly n00b question.

    Rewire, what is it? Is there somewhere that explains what it actually is and how it's done. I searched google and became confused that maybe it was an actual application, but I'm getting more of a feeling it isn't.

    Anyone got a step by step for setting up MLRv so it's outputting to ableton and sharing a clock?

    Any pointers much appreciated.


  • Do I need the full Reason? eek

  •'s just that rewire I think started as a Propellerhead initiative. There is also rewire documentation in the Live and MAX manuals.

  • OK, so Rewire is just a state of mind, it's not a "thing".

    I'll look at seeing if I can get MLRv talking to ableton tonight, if anyone has done this and is in the mood to write a quick step by step that might save me a few hours of hair pulling. Once I've done it once, I'll make a screen cast of how.

  • @JP

    ReWire is a essentially a protocol - it's used to route audio and MIDI between two concurrently running audio / sequencer apps. It also allows you to sync the two apps - the transport controls in either app will control both apps.

    Audio & MIDI is bussed from one app to the other, and turns up in the second app with all the helpful names you've assigned in the first app. There are a host of audio and MIDI busses available for you to route as you need.

    Like it says on the Props site - " could view ReWire as an "invisible cable" that streams audio from one computer program into another."

    It was developed by Propellerhead but is available for anyone to use - most DAW packages have implemented ReWire support. You don't have to buy Reason to get hold of ReWire, but it's not something that you can buy off the shelf - you will need to buy something that has ReWire implemented to get hold of ReWire. That's not as harsh as it sounds though - if you don't have any software that supports ReWire, then you don't need it. :o)

    - c -

  • Hi, i'm using mlr v with ableton live 7 it works great.
    I use 5 stereo channels and i don't have too much CPU usage.
    The only thing i didn't figure out is how to synchronize the two app together.
    I selected rewire instead of internal.
    I also tried to use midi yoke input channel 8 as an input sync and set the midi yoke output 8 to sync on.
    Is there somebody that had been trough the same problems and sort that out ?