stribe added to monome

  • Hello all,
    just a simple question: how to put 2 stribes just in the monome.
    I know stribe from one year but I dont know how it is working.I made a 80h and I would love to add 2 stribes in it. In fact I would like t ad these 2 stribes for controling 2 midi controllers.
    Is it possible and what I would need?
    Thanks too all and long life to monome and stribe:)
    Nice work men :)

  • This is a project I plan to look at once I have my 2 40h's built over Christmas.

    As far as I know, you need an arduino and some max (or similar software).

    I have to say I've been very surprised by the lack of discussion about stribes and their use.

    I toyed with building mine "into" a monome, but I think I'm leaning more toward modular so it can be mix and match.

  • I thought it would be neat to use the Stribe as the Crossfader in dj64, slightly more control than 7 buttons.

  • You can easily add the soft touch pots to the kits on the adc inputs, dont know how to do LED graphs though.

  • Yes!!!

    I also am building or say designing my future monostribe :)
    I cannot find much documentation about the stribe 1 unfortunately :(

  • I'll go for the modular approach and mix the 2 software wise. Sure you can add the touch strips to the adc's but you'll need an arduino to drive the leds anyway. This will keep the stribe1s compatible with future software and more flexible in use.