foam sleeve for 256 - any suggestions?

  • hi

    i'm after a foam sleeve for my monome. i've scanned thru the previous monome case threads but couldn't see anything that matches what i'm after.

    i've got a brenthaven laptop backpack with a foam sleeve insert to hold the lsptop, i'm sure you'll have seen the sort of thing. although it's designed to fit a 17" laptop the sleeve is just slightly too small to hold my 256 - anyone have or know of something that will take a 256?


  • Lots of bags wil take a 256, but to get that square "made for 256 feeling" you need to look at this.
    And here in cool black

    The dimensions are perfect 11x11x1.5 as bag or as "sleeve".

  • won't just any record bag fit the 256? I'm not sure what the dimensions of the unit are but 12"x12" sounds about right.

  • thanks for the replies. the calyx looks like it's getting close, but i'm concerned that neither that nor the record bag are sufficiently padded to compare to a laptop sleeve. the brenthaven adds a good 8 to 10mm of foam on all surfaces.

    anymore ideas?

  • There's plenty of well padded record bags out there. DJs like to take pretty good care of their records.

    Something like this maybe?

  • ok, at the risk of sounding a bit goldilocks - that bag is too padded! :) in my plan that's the sort of bag that i'm going to be stowing the snugly-sleeved 256 into. i'll take a pic of the brenthaven for reference and slap it up here tomorrow. my fault for not being clearer initially, appreciate your taking the trouble to post the link.

  • Record bags are too big for a 256 fit.

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