Weird pedals for experimental fuzz noise

  • I just saw the discussion on how to incorporate pedal fx into a monome setup - so thought i'd make a list of weird pedal porn for anyone whos interested.

    If anyone has other recommendations then please post.

  • hahahahaha, pedal porn.

    hi, i am genko and i am a pedal-holic.

  • Pedalaphiliac.

    No wait. That doesn't sound good.

  • I don't need to see this!
    This is bad for me!
    I just start getting the lust, and the next thing I know, my wife is asking where all my wages have gone, and why can't we feed the children and what is all this post that is turning up for me that looks like more sound kit!

  • Metasonix! - good call archetype303
    who can forget the TM-7 Scrotum Smasher!

    Mr Metasonix Muff Wiggler has a great forum here :

    @chalkline - yes, i know exactly how you feel, but my bank manager doesn't.

    Found another knob twiddling box here:

  • this looks fantastic!

    however there is a catch.....

    its $900

  • i've wanted one of those 4ms pedals since i was about 16.

  • I got a 4ms Noise Swash off ebay a few months ago for a bargain - highly recommended. I'm also after a cheap Atoner.

    Theres a 4ms triwave picogenerator on ebay at the moment - $225 buy it now

    Theres also a Squarewave Parade Teaspoon going - very rare and very good.

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  • ahhahaha

    pedal pushers

  • +1 for 4ms. They are the most excellent dudes.

  • I love pedals. But I got to confess I use them with my hands...

  • pedals are a great way to grunge your sound up. I have a nice distortion pedal, bass synth pedal, reverb, and a delay pedal.

    Behringer VD400 fully analog delay, sounds jahmazing, only 40 bux. winner.

    boss df-2: great distortion with a mad feedback tone/squeal when you hold it down.

    anyone got a rec for a decent/cheap chorus? and a compressor pedal?

  • ProCo Rat, with the gain all the way up, turns anything into a meaty, distorted mess. I love it for completely demolishing sound.

    Thank you, spam, for resurrecting this thread. =D

  • the metasonix tm-7 scrotum smasher is awesome if you can find one :D


    you're not gonna do a lot of knob twiddling with it, but man does it sound crunchy.

  • wmd geiger counter...bad ass bit crusher/sampler reducer/sound mangler.
    devi ever fuzz pedals.
    dba evil filter.
    squarewave parade
    deluxe memory man.
    circuit bent pedals!
    kids keyboards with line in/out
    snazzy fx
    dr scientist
    dwarfcraft devices
    copilot fx
    rock n roll workshop

    toooo many good pedals out there being made by good dudes.

  • Awwwwww man. I must say, I really am into pedals and did not need to see this. HA. I can't think of anything else right now....

    However, bump for Zvex pedals. They are a little more pricey but are all around worth it. And for those of you that believe in making things he introduced a hack-a-pedal at last years NAMM which I hear is real nice.

  • Acutally I lied. Theres a brand called Arion that isn't even in business anymore but I've been picking up their pedals through ebay and the like, technically it's not fuzz butttt. I bought a SMM-1 "Metal Master" at a garage sale once. Loved it. I sometimes like to process my MicroKorg through it. I've made some patches on there that get some great fake fuzz effects going through that distortion pedal.

    If your up for experimentation or retro sounds, I recommend. They are definitely different than what you'll hear today from a similar pedal.

  • boo on zvex....he does make some nice pedals tho...lofi loop junky

    yay for arion...i've heard that there delay uses the same chip as like...well i forget which highly sought after delay now, but ive heard they are badass and cheap!

    same goes for one of the old dod delays...same chip as the boss dm2, much cheaper.

    from my experience, the cheap pedals are often amazing and sometimes get used more than the more expensive pedals ive bought....its like old keyboards,synths and drum machines...sometimes they are dope but really cheap because someone famous didnt use it or some bs....all the better for me and my thin pockets.

    ...thought of a few more..

    mountainking electronics
    montreal assembly (
    fairfield circuitry (randys revenge ring mod)
    earthquaker devices
    old eowave pedals (spacebug, etc) pretty hard to come by these days tho =(
    malekko heavy industry
    empress superdelay ($$$ but really cool)
    LAL (hope someone already mentioned this...they are crazy)
    lightfootlabs goatkeeper.
    penny pedals
    shin ei
    old vintage fuzz pedals are always cool
    80s ibanez them.
    electrix (rack stuff, but very cool)
    alesis modfx (besides the bitrman can usually be found very cheap. very versatile and cool fx units)
    random pedal builders around the globe

    sorry if i mentioned stuff that was already mentioned above...but theyre really effin cool nonetheless so they deserve a second shout out.

  • I had the deviever soda meiser which was pretty cool for the fuzz. (quite hard to control though).

    I also love - made in Liverpool (I believe) they do a cool line in feedback loop pedals. you can create some amazing sounds with the right setup. Another page for them

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  • @ALYCE33lancaster - YES!

    but all that a side

    anything by death by audio, some great stuff they are really doing some fun stuff. also, occtone does a great ds-1 mod, makes it sound KILLER!!!!

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  • freelance writer

  • Is there a pedal called "freelance writer?" Because if not, someone should totally make one and take advantage of all this free advertising.

  • I was thinking a line of perfume or cologne.

    Remember the old Calvin Klein ads where someone would randomly whisper the word "obsession" between every sentence? It's like that.

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