Ever go to Momome.org by accident?

  • I just did this and got worried there had been a buyout of the company.


    - c

  • sounds like a nightmare i would have. i just had a nightmare the other night that i left my 40h out in the rain. i just remember that i was crying a lot about it.

  • Minnesota,
    I just had an odd outdoor/monome dream a few nights ago.

    I had a dream that it was a lovely day outdoors (and it's not even close to nice weather season here). For some reason I decided that the weather was SO nice, I had to do an outdoor set.

    I got my laptop, and monomes arranged (for some reason right behind the spot I take the trash out to the curb). Ooops! I forgot one of the usb cables, which, for some reason WASN'T in my poker case with all my monome stuff.

    Ran to my porch, which in dreamland, is where I store my electronic stuff. I turned around.... Laptop GONE. Monome poker case containing a 64 & 128... GONE.

    Got panicy, looked up and down the road, no extra traffic... my shit was just gone, and I woke up very unsetteled.