Will 256 apps work on the 128?

  • Hi, I'm planning on ordering a 128 on release day, and i'm not a programmer or anything so I have little idea of how it works on the inside. My question is in the title - are the main music apps, ie the sequencers (and by this i mean the ones developed by the monome community) written for the 256 going to work for the 128? Or will we have to wait for whole new ones to be written?

    Either way, I'm still ordering one, and planning on learning how to program things myself. And i can still use it with Ableton Live etc. without community apps can't I?

  • Short answer is yes they will work. They may need a few setting changes in Monomeserial or the 128serial patch.
    The long answer is some may not be fully compatible at first when the 128 is released but believe me that more and more exciting apps will come along. the 128 is the last of the odd shapes in this series. The 64 will likely work with all 40h apps.
    I'm really excited for the 128, I think ergonomically its the best size and shape. Not too much stretch to reach the top and you have room for both left and right hand simultaneous play. Also like the 256 it could be split up so a 128 can work like two 64/40h grids on the same monome.

  • if you use monome serial, the only differances should be 1) the prefix may be set to something like /256 (ie monomchrome), which may seem wierd, and also/obviously, its half the size, so you may be missing functionality. technically, you could fake a 256 in a maxmsp monome app by making a control that switches offsets (for a sideways 128, youd alter between /sys/offset 0 8 and /sys/offset 0 0).

    on an osc level, all the devices work the same. monome serial still has some kinks on the PC, but it is pretty stable now for most users, and im actualy working at this very moment trying to improve it some more.