nice and minty 40h for sale

  • Need to move funds to other gear so my minty 40h is up for sale. Used in a smoke-free studio and in perfect cosmetic and working order. Send offers over $550US to sounds (at) telus (dot) net

    Lots of references and photos available upon request. The original USB cable included.


  • i don't see why people are trying to make a extra buck off used goods. Why would anyone want to pay over $550 for a used 40h when in a month they could get a brand new sixty four for only $450. Don't make sense.

  • From the standpoint of functionality, you're correct. A 64 and 40h are the same. However, that isn't the whole picture.

    Someone may be willing to pay a premium for a 40h for two reasons:

    1) The 'I WANT IT NOW' factor. A monome seems to inspire an unusual degree of lust. You simply can't get a 64 RIGHT NOW.

    2) There are aesthetic and physical differences that some people may consider worth paying for. Remember, myself and others call these objects works of art and their appeal transcends simple functionality. Supply and demand being what they are, the fact remains there are only 400 40h units in the world, and some individuals are willing to pay more.

  • the 40h is black and silver with green lights. if you are anyway geeky like me then this appeals more as like stretta said- an artform piece - than wood and red lights.

    and besides, yes they are/were a ltd run of machines.

  • @earl00

    not all used goods depreciate in value. original and ingenious designs usually do the opposite. take for example the minimoog. check out ebay every once and a while to see how much even barely functional originals are going for...