DIY kit logic board problems

  • Apologies for the novice request for help here, but I've assembled the logic board which is detected successfully with monomeserial but with simple tests, it fails. i.e. i cannot toggle a LED with serial-howto (it's constantly lit), and button strikes aren't registered when shorting the bottom row with a wire. I have checked all soldering points and it seems to be ok. When plugging in the headers to the full board, i get the startup pattern but then no strikes are registered and the led's do not light when triggered. any suggestions appreciated. thanks for all of your help.

  • I'm not sure what "serial how to is" but try the max application "40h_test".

    the fault you're seeing is pretty large, it's probably because the application you're trying isn't the right one.

  • make sure the ftdi driver is installed.

    run monomeserial.

    run 40h_test.mxb from the base patches.

  • Sorry, I should have gone into more depth with what I have done so far. I installed the ftdi driver and monomeserial recognizes the board without a problem. but 40h_test does not read any strikes and does not light up any led's. I double checked all solder points and it seems good to go. although i went back to the simple test of shorting the top row of headers with an LED (which lights properly) and a wire for a button trigger but neither of them are recognized by the test-app and neither of them toggle from the test app. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys.

  • is monomeserial in midi or osc mode?

    if it's in midi, try switching it to osc

  • ah! beautiful. thanks for the suggestion. I was about to tear the thing apart and reassemble :) I forgot to switch to osc but it works well now. thanks so much for the help guys! I'll post up pics of the completed 40h soon. am planning on incorporating it into a piece that's going up in november.