sell my Tenori-On

  • Sad but true: The Tenori-On makes no development at all - no updates, no new firmware, no improvement in midi-clock and LED-switches from the outside.
    The Monome-Community develops every day. I am proud, to be part of it, and:

    now it is time to sell my TO (at the bay):

  • what a sales pitch.

  • can it do midi in and midi out at the same time? i'm interested in emulating a monome on one.

  • as I was saying in an older thread:
    It is NOT possible to emulate a momome on an Tenori-On.
    I was trying hard - but even with the Sysex messages the Tenori-On puts out, it is not possible to switch the LEDs on/off from the outside. No way.....

  • That has to be the most honest sales pitch ever. My hat is off!

    - c