40h Button is not working probaply

  • i dissasambled the 40h and had look but everthing looks normal. The funny thing is when i flip the silicon pad the button wich was in the left upper corner before is now in the lower. This would mean that the silicon pad(ring that makes the contact) are somehow "damaged" but they look normal. Any ideas what to to. I had to press really hard to get a button press.
    I tried to find the tutorial how to get rid of the side effects(whole row lids up) that accour on some of my buttons but i cant find it)
    I am a bit dissapointed by such a relativ expensive device. Send it back from germany would cost unreasonably much...:(


  • hi malte. is it an original 40h or kit? one thing to try is to clean the silver contact on the pcb with rubbing alcohol, and give the black pill a light buffing with high grit sand paper.

    if that doesn't work e-mail me tehn monome org

  • Hi tehn, its an original 40h. I try the alcohol(helps me with contact to :)) and the sand paper.
    i tell you if it worked.