MLR buffering issue - Causes "skipping" sounds

  • I have run into an issue with MLR (which i think is a great app by the way). Last night I was setting up presets for a live set and found that after I had loaded everything in, the sound that came out was kind of stuttered, like when a cd skips repeatedly. I did load a bunch of smapels in (almost 175 or so), and am using all default preferences in the dsp options. CPU was really low when looking at the MLR application CPU indicator and my machine's CPU monitor. When loading a different list of presets with far fewer smaples, MLR worked fine, so I am guessing it is just the amount of samples I loaded. Anyone else encountered this issue, or can verify this?

    Oh, and I'm running MLR 2.2.1 on a Mac.

  • Sounds like a memory issue - paging into VM. How much RAM do you have?

    Check out Activity Monitor and keep an eye on the System Memory tab.

  • try tweaking the dsp preferences-- different block sizes mainly.

    this is a max/msp issue in general.

  • I had a similar problem on windows vista.

    Try going into the dsp settings and turning off the input channels at the bottom.

  • Thanks everyone. I cut the set into 2 parts and tweaked the block size which solved the problem. I'll give turning the input channels off a try as well. So now the issue is just that I have a solid chunk of load time when loading the second set of samples. Just have to find a way to bridge the sets. I'd like to make it a seemless transition, but haven't figured out how yet. Maybe I'll just work on my knockknock jokes.