drum trigger idea

  • i have a pretty straight forward idea for an app, but no programing knowledge if someone else wants to take a crack at it. the idea is to use the monome, in my case a 64, as drum triggers. it would be similar to the play mode in npc where four buttons light up as one pad and would give sixteen pads. same concept as the padkontrol or trigger finger or mpd, etc. but the app itself would simply allow you to set each "pad" to any note you'd like in real time, making it adaptable to any software you might be using.

    clear enough? any takers?

  • since your using 4 pads for each sound you could use the 4 pads for different velocity settings... upper left of each set of 4 could be lowest and lower right could be highest...

  • that is a brilliant idea. this could be expanded on big time. of course, being able to control the velocity of each pad would be ideal. also, instead of just setting notes for each sound, perhaps it could work by putting samples in the app as well as being able to send notes to other software. it could toggle between being a controller or being sample based.

  • try this on for size...

    the folder includes patch (editable) as well as a coll file to load for assigning notes. You can edit the coll file and replace the notes that work for you. It's currently set up for a 64 but it's easily expandable for 128s and 256s.

    The range slider sets the range of velocity for the 4 pads per note...


  • awesome. i like where this is going, but i don't understand where to assign the notes. for example if the bottom left pad were pad 1 and i wanted to make that not C5...is this possible..yet?

  • if it helps, i'm using the redrum in reason. and the bottom row of pads is only playing the first kick drum sound.

  • in the zipped folder there is a file called mPCnotes... you can open that in a text editor and change the note assignments to the ones that work for you.

  • still not really understand how to do that. like i said, i have little knowledge of this stuff. i have an idea of what i want the interface of this app to look like, but it may be too complex.

  • ok... try this...

    I've added controls for setting notes for each of the "16" pads...

  • beautiful! exactly what i had in mind! now, my other idea is drag and drop samples and then drag down menu's for each pad to assign each sound. it would also be ideal if when in "sample mode" it could play through my interface instead of my computer. thanks man, this is really awesome.

  • anyone want to take a crack at drag and drop samples?

  • this can play through your interface

    you just need to open the dsp.mxb from the max helpers folder in monome base pack, and that will let you choose your output. I havent tried it but guess this works in max 5

    you also need to set the right midi destinations in the drop down menus

  • thanks for the advice. right now i have no problem playing through my interface because i am using the app to control redrum in reason. my concern is if someone is able to make a sample mode and how i would get those samples to play through my interface, which you just explained. so i suppose i'm just waiting for someone to take up the task off being able to play samples within the app.

  • Well done enomis! Thanks!
    I was wondering how hard it would be to assign a channel as well as the note.. It'd be nice to have some of the pads controlling drum sounds and some controlling synths...
    how did you learn to program max/msp?
    do you know any good books on the subject?