Sluggish buttons

  • Hi.

    I bought my 128 used about six months ago and i love it...but....

    Most of the buttons work perfectly, "registering" at a gentle press but some need a bit more force. It feels like the button is depressed all the way, but nothing happens until i add some more pressure. Nothing that requires me to go to the gym or anything but it does limit me in some ways. Can this be remedied, is it due to wear or just normal?

  • what edition is it?
    i discovered that the first run has some inconsistencies in the keypad manufacturing, resulting in some buttons requiring a harder press. this was the case with mine- a first run 256.
    i betcha tehn can hook you up with new pads if you feel so inclined.

  • @shellfritsch

    It's the first edition, #057 if i'm not mistaken. So the pads could be the issue? Thanks.

  • yea they sell replacement keypads. i got a full swap for my 256 for $60 - so i'm guessing yours would be $30?

  • we haven't worked out pricing yet so i can't commit to that figure i gave you. it's clear we're getting to the point of needing replacement stock, and we learn as we go.

    but yeah, e-mail me at tehn monome org though we're in the middle of a crazy busy move, so it might take me a week to get them out to you.

  • i just installed the new keypads last night and i can happily report that it worked like a charm.
    i can almost press buttons with my breath ;)

  • i think i need a replacement pad set for my 128, i got a 0098...can someone link me up to where to get it?

    *edit: emailing you tehn...