• I just left the Monome factory with my new monome....they are awesome people...i felt very happy to pay for these machines.

    Now i am a producer who uses logic/live/reason....i have no idea about Max/MSP or how to set anything up.

    So i want to just start hearing something .....

    Can anyone help get me started using my monome?
    What do i do first?
    i am completely ignorant to this but i love what it can accomplish!


    on a MAC as well


  • I'd start here

  • you need to follow the basic set up procedure here

    once you get to that stage post back and suggest what it is you are wanting to accomplish. I use an application called Pages very successfully with logic, so can offer advice on that for you, but you need to get the basics sussed first

  • I will definitely work on this in the next few days. I really appreciate your swif responses. on it !



  • are there any guides to getting pages or 7up working with Logic?

    I'm asking for a friend :)

  • not that i'm aware of, but that would be great..

    honestly it shouldn't be too bad. it's really just a matter of adapting two steps from ableton to logic, namely:

    1) getting logic to send midi clock over an IAC bus (and making sure it doesn't open the input side of the device)
    2) getting logic to receive midi events (notes, cc's, etc) over IAC buses (and making sure it doesn't open the output side of the device)

    if you can get those 2 down, just follow the manual instructions while replacing ableton-specific steps with logic.

  • For pages with logic, i do the following.

    Start monomeserial

    Go to Audio Midi prefs and make sure IAC device is online

    Start Pages - setup as normal, set up a new configuration, choose IAC bus as output and input. (At this point i also normally add the pages that i want but this can be done later). As an example though i will set up 3 midi sequencer pages transmitting midi on 3 different channels.

    Start Logic. In a new project, you need to go to the recording settings page (File - Project Settings or click the settings button top left) Where it says MIDI make sure 'Auto Demix by Channel if Multitrack Recording' is ticked. This allows you to record arm multiple instrument tracks at the same time and send midi to them on different channels. Next go to the Synchronization page, choose the MIDI tab, and where it says 'transmit midi clock' make sure 'destination 1' is ticked, and select IAC bus 1 (or whichever you are using) from the drop down menu. This sends clock to the monome so you get the timeline movement in midi sequencer pages.

    Next (using 3 midi sequencer pages as an example) set up 3 virtual instrument tracks, and choose the relevant midi channel for each one (say channels 1 thru 3). Put your choice of instruments on each track (Drums/Bass/Lead?) and set a 2 bar loop in logics arrange window. Hit play and you should see the timeline scroll across the monome (remember that if you are on a 64 there are up to 4 pages per sequence, so it will disappear and reappear!).

    Remember to save your logic project and your pages config (i try to give them both the same name).

    If you want to use the faders pages, you can easily set this up per synth as well. Add a faders page, choose the relevant midi channel, and either use midi learn on the virtual instrument, or 'apple L' for controller assignments in logic.

    I cant think of anything i have missed, other than be aware of the midi notes you are transmitting if you want to trigger say a drum machine on a 64 - you will more than likely need to edit which notes you are triggering to get drum patterns going on one page. Any questions please ask.

    @Phortran - i will do a guide on the google page if you like with screenshots - e-mail me and let me how to get the info up there.