[album] edison - not what ships are built for

  • first instrumental project ever.....




    free download for free

  • like damn

  • today must be my day for not figuring anything out, I'm not seeing a download link on either of those pages. should I just right click each song and save as?

  • awesome. thanks for sharing this.

  • brilliant

    thanks a lot!

  • Yeah boy ! Will snag this later , thank you so much . Have really enjoyed all your videos so am really looking forward to this ; - )

  • great music. Thanks man.

  • fancy spilling the beans on anyones samples you used and where they appear?

    i'm not bothered if you didnt use the one i sent you (secretly i will be desperately upset but will hide it in a manly way)

    just interested is all

    its really nice by the way

  • badass!

    been awaiting the instrumental album for some time now...stoked!

  • Excellent work!

  • ooo!! i've been waiting for this to drop. work is going to be a lot more pleasant today. :)

  • "free download for free"

    You should have this on somewhere like bandcamp.mu then you could do a "pay what you want" approach to the album, I'd totally pay for this, and I'm confident so would others - no point in being a starving artist, if you don't need to be. :-)

  • good point about bandcamp, i'd buy it! however, not being on band camp doesn't prevent us from sending him a few bucks. ;)

  • damn, man, you're keeping that bar set high in the sky. Very fine stuff...

  • Nice timing. I put a post about your album on my blog, then Chris Randall links to my site. It is raining refers. Seriously.


  • hey folks!
    what up?
    thanks a bunches....!

    @ johnisfaster.....i think you just right click (option click on a mac-y)
    to save them....

    haha...tricked ya.....those samples are still on hold....i havent done any 64 finger things in a minute.....this album is just songs that have been building up, and need to be released, as a whole.....stay tuned for the community sample song!

    @ JP and phortran....
    don't sweat the deniro.....
    this ones on me!

    @stretta ....
    as always.....thank you for repping me....you rule!

    thanks everyone for the support.....hope you're feeling the beats/beast....
    come see us in princeton if you can......
    shit will be fun!

  • Amazing stuff. I am a grateful recipient of the wealth of this community; and you, edison, are a huge representative of that wealth.


  • Have been waiting for this! Anymore 64 fingers coming soon? Im really enjoying those too... Keep it up!

  • Thanks for sharing! its a fucking great album, excuse the french. it tends to make things sound more intense. anyway good job.

  • i can feel the beast..

    many enjoys.

  • @edison

    can you e-mail all your cds?
    (like the links to the Dl pages)


  • edison, you always inspire. I think your vimeo page was BASICALLY the reason I bought a monome. Amazing work.

  • Loved this!


  • Just listened to some of the songs, sounds great!

    I do have one request though, can you zip up a fully tagged version of this, if you can't find hosting I'd be willing to put it on my server for you

  • very very cool, also can't wait for more 64 fingers!

  • hey guys....
    ziped up:
    but you have to promise....
    if you DL the zip....
    please PLEASE goto www.ivdt.net and check em all out....
    there is some amazing work going on overthere!
    thanks for all the kind words!

  • great stuff !
    thanks a lot !

  • Edison, you are the f** man,

    good work.

  • going to blast this tonight on WPRB @ 11pm - wprb.com/listen.php

  • Am listening to it now. Very nice. Well done, Edison!

  • this will be on heavy rotation while i sit on the beach after a paracetamol breakfast!
    top job

  • Really, really great! Congrats on a fantastic release!

  • Really great man...I'd pay (well as soon as I find another job/some money haha)

    Been listening to this as I build my new site. Gets the blood pumping. :)

  • Folks -- any tips on how to get edison's jpeg to upload into iTunes as the album cover art? Other album's I've downloaded from the internet have automatically done so, like Stretta's. But for "filling the skies," and for "not what ships," I haven't been able to do so. Can't find it in iTunes help or in any menus, etc.

  • Select tracks in itunes.

    Select artwork in Finder.

    Drag artwork into the artwork under Selected Item, where is says 'Drag Album Artwork Here'

    Alternatively, you can select multiple items, use get info, paste or drag into the artwork field.

  • Stretta, thanks for the quick reply. Figured it out your alternative way you described. Thanks!

  • Good work dude. =)

  • this is so hard edison ...can I be your apprentice? haha

  • Awesome work.

    Let me know if you ever need help with distribution should you decide to make a buck or two from it.

  • i love it!

  • Edison, you should consider releasing a FLAC version of this, I would love to be able to to hear the album in it's best quality.

  • agreed Sliggy...also would be willing to pay for it for sure

  • aaaahhhhh, sooo good. finally an edison album. rocking this for the first time now, in a tent, in los angeles. keep it up man.

  • I just want to re-iterate how rad this is.

    that's all.

  • That is really good i put it on my ipod :D
    agree about the FLAC, i would like to keep it in my music collection as well.

  • sorry it took so long for me to hear it all. it is amazing edison. one of my favorite all time albums.

  • awesome!

  • hey hey!
    thanks everyone!
    FLAC versioin huh?
    coming soon!

  • I DJ at a bar every wednesday, and dropped a few of the tracks off your album last night, everyone loved them!

  • thanks!
    i haven't got to really bump em that loud yet!
    glad it went over well!

  • hell yes this is so awesome. ghosts are absolutely serious is off the wall

    let me be the first to say that i must see you do this stuff live. ie please tour the country