mlrV + Pages + Ableton = Problems (extending mlrV to include midi cc input for volume faders etc)

  • I've encountered a few problems in my recent mission to create my perfect live monome set-up.

    1. i'm running mlrV on an external application page in pages and want it to receive midi sync through the same IAC bus that ableton is sending to pages. I did a bit of max patch hacking and got the midi sync device selector from mlr aes and dropped it in the global patch in mlrV (i thought that midi/osc tab is looking a little empty). just put a midiinfo running into a umenu then into the same send clocksource.
    however, it comes up with an error in the max window saying transport doesn't understand "clocksource", it does on opening everytime, even before i put the extra umenu in.

    2. i've got a page of faders running on the page next to mlrV which i want to use to control the volume faders. i wanted to insert a midi assign section, similar to the one in mlr aes, on that empty left side of the midi/osc tab in mlrV.
    so i again did a bit of patch hacking and put the midi assign section from mlr aes into mlrV, but whenever i tried to change values max freezes, then crashes.
    i broke it down til i just had a number box sending to 'r 1vol' in the output patch and a 'r mastervol' object i chucked above the multislider in the dac patch, this worked. but as soon as u attach the 's mastervol' or 's 1vol' to the ctlin max just crashes. i've been looking at the patch for hours and just can't seem to work out what's going wrong.

    but yes, I think a midi assign section in the midi/osc tab could be quite useful. controlling the reverse, speed, pitch, and sample length of the samples with another midi controller (or another page of ur monome) live could yield some interesting results. if i could only get past this first hurdle.

    any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • hey myralful,

    glad to hear for once it isn't pages causing the issues (or so it seems!) :)

    i have a feeling the crashes and etc are due to sharing midi devices between apps, which can't be done, but some clever routing should take care of that.

    first of all i would recommend trying to sync via rewire instead of midi. for me, rewire sync (at least on mlr aes 0.3) is -rock solid-, like my tempo in ableton is 89.63, and my tempo is mlr is 89.63 and it never ever wavers. with midi clock i always get a little drifting.

    if you can't get rewire sync to work then you can actually use the 'machinedrum interface' page. it echos back the midi clock on it's midi out (and other midi cc stuff if you tell it to, but if you don't activate any of the morphing stuff then it should just pass through midi clock). so midi clock from ableton on IAC 1, pages midi input on IAC1, midi out to IAC2 on a machinedrum interface page, midi clock in max5 from IAC2. that should get you around the whole sharing midi devices issue.

    not sure about #2 though.

    the whole setup sounds pretty freaking awesome and i'd love to see it in action when you get it worked out. a setup vid would be awesome too if you have the time!

  • Myralfur, not sure what monome you are running, but if it's a 256 or 128 you might want to look at the Cyst edit of MLR, it has seperate pages for controlling the things you mention, directly from the monome.