Max external/patch for beat detection

  • Does anyone know of a good max external, or example patch, for bpm analysis/detection, a la live? It doesn't have to be too complex/great, mostly for detecting electronic music with a constant bpm. I was just wondering if it's already been done before I dive into it.


  • Let me clarify on what I wanted to do, because it's often not helpful to ask for something without context.

    When I play DJ sets (in live) I often play music in which the BPM changes, or I often want to do a transistion from a song at 86 bpm to a song at 130 bpm with no silence... but if the files are warped I have to make the tempo jump up, making the 86 bpm sound sound odd at the end. What I was hoping was to route audio from live to max, have max detect the BPM of what is coming in, and have it send that BPM via midi to live. That way I could play all of my songs unwarped, and have live constantly still be in sync, for when I throw in quantized samples or loops over what I am playing. Is there a VST that will do this? I did find a max object that will hopefully work, here:

    Sometimes I just know the BPM and enter it then use the tap button to sync up but this is not nearly as accurate. Any tips?

    I'm on a mac.


  • There's a Max external called bonk~ that detects transients...I'm guessing that is what the beat~ external you found is based on.

    However, the problem with any BPM detect object is that as soon as you try to use it on anything without a simple, well defined and repetitive beat, it will get confused. Anything without obvious transients will get lost. However, if you're DJing house/dance based stuff, then it shouldn't be too hard for you to patch something together. If you want it to figure out Venetian Snares/Autechre tempos then it may be a little tougher...

  • Thanks a bunch, I will try that out. Mostly it is basic dance music... and I can deal with it if it can't match, it would just be nice to have something that synced up most of the time. If you could find me a show where they want me to play venetian snares/autechre I would be in heaven... though I do slip some matmos into my sets sometimes.