[app] brontologik4 for monome 256

  • brontologik4 for monome 256

    a composing system (made for ableton live), including:
    6 layer sending midi data (pitch, velocity and 2 controller)
    1 layer starting clips in ableton live
    8 variations each layer
    8 modes (for each layer) to manipulate and arrange pitch, velocity, controller, scales, transpose, key, pattern length, randomness and probability of playing.
    load and save single pattern or complete data

    anybody interested?

    quick walkthrough here:

    you need:

    - a monome 256

    sorry, no other versions planned, not scalable to smaller models. But there are 200 monome256 on this planet, and I am sure there will be more sooner or later....:-)

    - a fast computer (mac)

    I am running it on a Intel 2.2 (MacbookPo) and it takes 3 Minutes to load... processor goes up to 37%....
    On my G5 it takes over 10 minutes to load, no fun.......

    - max/msp5 runtime

    - synthesizer or a DAW

    written for using it with ableton live, but also might be well working with external synths.

    One problem: The app is only about 20mb, but I am using a lot of bpatcher and when it opens, it blows up to over 200mb, thats why it loads so slow.
    I am packing it to zip, its only 20mb again, so the download is not the problem.......

    Also: Could somebody correct my english in the manual, would be great......
    http://www.pyrolator.com/downloads/brontologik4_readme_and_manual_v122.zip (624kb)

    So anybody who is interested to get a beta version, please leave a comment.
    Like Molar, it will be donationware.
    I will provide a link to rapidshare or any other service, which is not eating up traffic on my server.

    The brontologik goes back to 1980 as one of the first (pre-midi) digital sequenzer.
    A photo of the bronologik2 as hardware: http://www.atatak.com/images/brontologik_520.jpg - its now in a museum......
    Thats me, playing it in 1981 - yes, these are a lot of cables for just one composition :-)
    In the 90th I was writing it as software (brontologik3) for Max/Msp, still using it in performances, looked like: http://www.pyrolator.com/downloads/brontologik3.gif
    Version4 or the monome looks like: http://www.pyrolator.com/downloads/bronto1.jpg

    In late 2007 I felt in love with the monome256, because its the perfect controller for the brontologik, and I was able to get one last year. In my free time, I was porting it to max5 and the monome.
    I am using it in my studio and for me its great fun, never repeating structures and melodies.
    Updates will come slowly, have to work on different things now....

    Link to the program: http://rapidshare.com/files/195904015/brontologik4.zip
    or at
    and here is apage with my max-patches, which might be also helpful: http://www.pyrolator.com/pyrolatorsmax.htm

    best wishes

  • oh my lord. this is epic. thank you so much, i can't wait to dive into this. lovely video too!!

  • I've been waiting for this hoping you'll share ever since I saw the video a couple weeks back.

    Please send rapidshare link.

    Oops. daddek at gmail dot com


  • This looks super wonderful, Pyrolator.

    I'd love to check out the beta: spears 2secondfuse com

  • Wow, looks like a lot fun.

    I'd also love to check out the beta.
    Faction_45 hotmail com

  • i'm very interested. curious to see how it plays with logic...

  • can't wait. it looks like the ultimate tool...

  • thank you for the comments, here is the link:
    http://rapidshare.com/files/195904015/brontologik4.zip (28mb)

    please tell me, if the program is working on your machine (and which model you have) or any bugs.

    thank you, have fun !

  • Wow
    i have been waiting to get home to my monome ALL day. I'm only about 10 min in to brontologik4 and i love it!

    I'll be donating some money next paycheck! Thanks for sharing.

    Just finished the manual.... the arranger function.....
    I'm interested so see the future of this app, FUNCTION 8!
    could it get any better?

  • hi veiss,

    thanks, for trying it. What kind of computer are you using? I would like to find out, how slow it loads on different systems....

    Well, about layer8: When I heard about Max for Live, I left this layer open, to see what kind of functions could be implemented within Live, because I am using it with Live anyway.

    Future of this app: In the brontologik3 there where so called "random-tables" implemented. The software remembers all the notes, which are played so far and put them in percental "weight", and melody-phrases of a choosen length. So the random-function is only using note-material, which was played before. This was used in a combination of a Audio to Midi - converter and made the brontologik3 a good "duo-partner"... Maybe I will implement this function in the version4 as well.....

    Actually, when I tried the standalone, the save/load screen function is not working (only save/load all), I will fix that bug in the next version, also I would like to make an arranger for the layer7 (ableton clip start/stop).....

    best wishes

  • I'm using it on a first gen macbook. 2ghz intel core due, 2gb ram. Takes about 2 min to load like you say in the manual.

  • On my Dual 2 GHz PPC G5 - 35 minutes.
    On my Dual Quadcore 3.2 Intel - about one to two minutes.

    Love the app! It's great that you're using 'double-clicks' in the app. I'm surprised we don't see more of that.

  • Hi there,
    I am trying to load it on my powerbook G4 1,67GHz , with 120 GG and 2Gb RAM, the first time it took 1hour and the second time it took 1h20.
    I will try later with my Dualcore 2x2 with 8gb ram to see if it is also so long to load it.

  • Daaaang this thing is a system benchmarking tool! Wish I had a 256, kudos on the program, it sounds like something to definitely try out once another batch of 256s dawns upon us.

    Going to try loading it to see how long it takes to load on my AMD PC...

  • I am sorry, I think, this program makes only sense on intel-macs......
    And I am too lazy and busy to code this monster in an optimized version again.....
    So, faster machines and a whole new bunch of 256 have to come.

    Great, Veiss and dadek, that you like it anyway.

  • excuse me sir, which prefix should i use?

  • /bronto, i think it sets it automatically though..

  • i don't have a 256, but if you have a kp3 get also kaonome. so you can have 8x8x4 leds, it's not the real thing but at least it allows to try this great app!

  • how can i get the different layers to control different channels in logic? possible? right now i can only get one instrument to work on logic even if i change the midi channel on each audio instrument channel. i dont use abelton so trying to get this to work with logic.

  • Hi Kero,

    An easy way would be:
    This only works if you "record-arm" each track you want to use in Logic.

    And don´t forget to put your midi-clock in "send to brontologic" in the sync-setup of logic if you want to record in snyc. There might be a pre- or postdelay in running it, because it is adjusted to work with Ableton Live, but you can adjust this as well in the Midi-Clock-menue in Logic.


  • omg i just love this app

  • god i just cant stop playing with this app this gets ridiculous! great job! :)

    i realized that sometimes the arrangement kinda freezes and keeps on repeating a previous one i recorded without being able to edit it. i try to define a new one in the arranger section but the the status of the arranger remains static and nothing happens.

    is there a way to "reset" the arranger?

    thanks again!


  • Thank you of telling me about this, I had so far no problem with the arranger and therefore it is hard for me to reproduce this bug. I will have a look anyway.
    But when you mentioned it, it reminds me of:
    Did you try to save what you did and load it again? Sometimes I see that the arranger is not running, when I "load all" into it, but this is easy to reset, I just switch the arranger off and on again, and then it is running. I have to find this "flag", which is not properly set after loading.

    This reminds me of one of my favourite sit-coms: The IT-crowd (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_IT_Crowd). Does anybody know them? You should !
    The quote of the show is: "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" (with an i guess Irish accent)

  • hi there thanks for your answer!

    yeah this is happening with a project i saved and i load all each time i get started.
    by turning it on and off you mean pressing the buttons on the right side of the second raw from the top (1 bouton per layer)?

    if yes yeah i have tried it and i cant get the arranger to run again. if it can help i have found that the repeating pattern is actually identically applied to all the layers even for some that were not arranged at all before.


  • hi again,

    I tried to reproduce the error on arranging a lot of layers and saving and loading again a couple of times. But everything works fine....mmh.
    If this only happens to one project you are loading in, maybe the data of the file got corrupted. Can you reproduce the same error in a different project? This might help to find the bug.
    If you don´t mind, you could send me the file and I have a look, if it is still in the right format or if it is corrupt.

    best wishes

  • btw. here is another video using the brontologik: