256 Logic Kit?...

  • So.. What are the chances of a 256 Logic Kit which could use the existing 40h Keypad kits?

  • no plans currently. the atmel chip we use doesn't come in a DIP package (easy soldering). and it'd be pretty expensive because the new series has chips on the grid boards, so a 256 kit would be a large-ish board, require external power, etc. in the end it would be expensive and the assembly experience not as smooth.

    in the end, 4x40h is huge, almost comically so. i'd be curious to see it done with an arduino or something.

    oh-- the top plate. getting those made are ridiculously expensive.

  • ok :)

    Was just wondering whether I should consider how I might upgrade my planned 2x40h enclosure to a 4x40h at some point, but yeah I guess I'll disregard that. Thanks.

  • man i wish i had been sly enough to buy a second 40h kit and build a 2x40h (pseudo 128). i thought about it but hesitated and now they are gone.


  • I bought a kit first time round.. and it sat there and I didn't really have the time/impetus to construct it, but then the 2nd wave of kits were announced... a '128' sparks my imagination much more.

    I'm picking up my LEDs today, they are the only thing left to solder :)

  • kits will come again, don't fret.

  • speaking of LED's go to ebay after you understand the specs. I got 300 for about 8 dollars for each hundred out of Hong Kong. Beats 1.27 a piece. Oh and I will tell you how the 4*40h goes. I haven't picked out a top for it yet. I am looking into Tortis as found on Greven's guitar site originally used for replicating tortise shell pick guards.
    I am embedding the usb hub as recommended : ) I think I'll just get a 7 hub because the layout is good and that opens up space to hold software on flash usb drives, go bluetooth, or even WiFi. If only they made USB loJack. ?