80h vs 128

  • Hello -

    I apologize if this has been discussed before but I was unable to find an answer in my search of topics. I do not own a monome but I am pretty sure I want to get an 8x16 model, either the 128 or preferably making my own 80h. I look forward to and feel up to the task of building an 80h kit but know that I probably won't do much software programming on my own.

    From what I understand the 80h uses the monome serial app to chain two devices together with a button offset (?) but do apps like mlrv that adapts to 64/128/256 buttons see it as a 128, or see them as two 64 button device, or is that even an issue? I just want to be able to have full 128 button capability on the 80h for apps that support it without having to modify the patch myself, if not I should probably hold out for a 128.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hey,
    I just finished putting together an 80h with 2 40h kits, you are right, you just use the offset box on monome serial (put 8 in the row box of the second one for 16 wide, or 8 in the column box for 16 high).

    Apps see it as a 128 so to speak, so no issues with usability, at least not with all the apps I use and have tried (most).

    No modification of patches is required.

    Kits are coming soon apparently so you won't have to wait too long.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks AC for the info, just what I wanted to hear! So far I've had no luck with timing for previous monome releases so (knock on wood) hopefully the kit release is when I get lucky

  • Also remember that 2x40h s are a lot bigger than a 128. Some people are surprsied at the size of the 128s. They are both nice, just different.

  • 128's are tiny.... in an awesome way.