problems with 64

  • my monome just started acting crazy. some apps don't light up, while others do. the ones that do don't function how they should and i can't get any version of mlr to run.

    for example: in polygome, nothing lights up and it recognize the top row. it behaves as though everything on my monome has moved down one row.

    could something be set up wrong in monomeserial? someone help! please!

  • check that there is nothing but 0's in the offset, Encoder and ADC boxes.

  • just figured it out, my man. thanks!

  • okay, i thought the problem was fixed. changed all the offsets to zero and everything was working fine, including mlr. for some reason today not one version of mlr is functioning on my monome. some of them the group lights will light up or the tempo light will blink, but the samples will not play. also, boing is not working, the buttons light up but are not bouncing or making noise. so far everything else is working fine. suggestions?

  • Could be something wrong with the DSP settings in max?
    Go options > DSP status. Audio should be on when you turn on DAC in MLR/boiingg. + Check the driver. I've had similar problems. Playing with the dsp/DAC or restarting max might help.

  • awesome, man. it must have got screwed up when switching between my interface and my built in sound. thanks for the heads up, much appreciated.