Offsetting specific rows, maybe with a hacked monome_router

  • Hi,

    first off I'm very new to Max so my understanding of what's possible and not is very limited. So I'm sorry if this is a stupid question.

    Anyhow, here goes:
    I wan't to use my 128 with 256 patches, accessing 15 rows and keeping one row fixed.

    Mlr_cyst have a nice offsetting functionality that gives me an additional set of eight rows. While this is great and wasn't too hard to implement in other Max apps, what if I'd like to prevent the top row from being offsetted? I want it to always stay the same.

    This would also come in handy when running Molar (yes, I'm well aware that I can use different instances, but that doesn't serve my needs).

    I've looked into monome_router to see if I could hack something useful. Problem is that's still way beyond my skills.

    Maybe someone already has a solution?

    Best regards

  • Not sure, but bump. That app hub might do something similiar to this.

  • Thanks! But no, hub doesn't do this (even though I find hub useful for many other things).

    My question has forced me to try to learn Max. It's not too hard! I've started hacking monome_router and have already made some progress. If someone else is interested I'll share once completed.

  • @plopp

    So does mlr_cyst keep the first row top row intact when it offsets?

  • No, it doesn't.

    Right now I'm trying my very ugly hack of monome_router. It actually kind of works.

  • @plopp

    If you don't mind me asking, do you think I could try out your hack? I love ugly.

  • ok, so while we're on ugly, i deleted row 8, and added "8" to a [route 1] in [p box]

    theoretically it should work.

    the patch is mlr_cyst_128

  • erm... just realized that this won't update lights on the top row for the 2nd half.

    still on ugly =)

  • @soundcyst

    Thanks a lot!

    That's the exact same issue that I've got! Spent the whole day trying to figure out how it works, but no luck.


    This is certainly not ready for posting, and it may not work at all for you. In that case I'm truly sorry, but I'm a total Max-noob.

    Anyway, these patches are to be used without MonomeSerial. The Molar-version seem to be function best for some reason I don't understand.

    Actually I think anyone is much much better of not downloading these. The wise will choose soundcyst's mlr instead ;-).

    Good luck!

  • +1 for interested in this!

    I use two 128's as a 256 but due to space constraints in my setup it would be great to be able to do it this way.Might even consider passing on my second 128 to someone more deserving if this works out well :)

    It seems awkward to have to have max running in the foreground, perhaps it would be possible to assign a midi cc to each offset?
    Alternatively, if there were no other way possible except having max in the foreground, how about using the up and down arrows for navigation? This might make it easier to keep track of which offset were current.

    This would be a wicked feature to request as a native Molar function if Steve_Duda ever has the opportunity to work on Molar again.

  • @gurulogic

    Well, a native function in Molar would be very sweet indeed.

    What you and I really need is a 256.

    It will be a few more days before I can continue working on this one, but assigning to midi cc seems fairly simple. Still, I'm no developer so it feels like I'm stumbling in the dark...

  • edit: posted wrong thread...